Maturini Corderii colloquiorum centuria selecta secundum editionem G. Willymot

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Page 141 - m. a sailor. Ne, adv. not; ne at the end of a word asks a question, and is equivalent to an
Page 164 - nodum in scirpo quaerere, to seek a knot in a bulrush, to seek a difficulty where there is
Page 31 - nee possum quidem.] / am unwilling to press you, nor indeed can I. (5) Nihil est quod hie verearis.J You need not fear that. You have no reason to f ear in this
Page 158 - whoever, whosoever, whatever ; quibuscunque modis, by all the means in their power. Quidam, quaedam, quoddam, or quiddam, (qui) some person or thing, a certain one.
Page 25 - possit. R. Ut video, non ignoras quid sit fortuna. Q. Satis scio fortunam nihil esse. R. Cur ergo dixisti : Quod si sors tuli-sset ? Q. (6)
Page 67 - sic vivo, ut eo praesente. Non poto, sed bibo quantum satis est ; ludo quum tempus postulat ; non discurro, sed cum bona matris venia in
Page 115 - to refuse. Deus, i, in. God. Devincio, xi, ctum, cire, act. (de, vincio) to oblige ; quam devincti estis ? how greatly are you indebted ? Dexter,

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