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Like most Americans, I grew up in a bubble with regards to Israel and Palestine. The news consistently showed Israel as the valiant yet equanimous victim and depicted the Palestinians as unreasonable and dangerous. With the Internet this bubble began to burst and this book was my first deep dive into learning about what is really going on there. It was a truly eye-opening book for me. The first half is a calm, articulate narrative of the author's experiences in Palestine and the second half is a series of well researched appendices that detail the history of the Israeli-Palestine conflict. In this way it presents both the very personal stories of people suffering under occupation and those seeking to alleviate their suffering and via the appendices, provides an excellent reference book that I find useful to refer to when I need to explain the issues to people who have yet to step outside the bubble. Given that our Congress has recently seen fit to give Israel yet another $38 billion in American weapons paid for by you and me, every American should read this book! 

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