Mechanicks Magazine, and Journal of Publick Internal Improvement, Volume 1

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Samuel N. Dickinson, 1830 - Industrial arts
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Page 5 - to useful purposes, should be honoured and encouraged, wherever it is found. This divine power, “without which judgment is cold and knowledge is inert ; that energy, which collects, combines, amplifies and animates,” whether possessed by a poet, who, like
Page 116 - be managed under the direction of the select men, united with the ministers of the oldest Episcopalian, Congregational and Presbyterian churches in that town, who are to let out the same upon interest, at five per cent. per annum, to such young married artificers under the age of twenty-five years, as have served an apprenticeship in the said town, and faithfully
Page 119 - God Almighty,' says one of the wisest men that ever adorned humanity, ‘first planted a garden; and, indeed, it is the purest of human pleasures.
Page 30 - in importance to them all, that it is scarcely necessary to invite to it your particular attention. It is principally as manufactures and commerce tend to increase the value of agricultural productions, and to extend their application to the wants and comforts of society, that they deserve the fostering care of government.
Page 78 - shall, within two months from the date of the record, cause a copy of the said record to be published in one or more of the newspapers printed in the United States, for the space of four weeks; and
Page 143 - of capacity, as well for liquids as for dry goods, not measured by heaped measure, shall be the gallon containing ten pounds avoirdupois weight of distilled water weighed in air, at the temperature of 62 Fahrenheit's thermometer, the barometer being at thirty inches,
Page 116 - that in any right angled triangle, the square which is described upon the side subtending the right angle is equal to the squares described upon the sides which contain the right angle.
Page 21 - those alterations excepted; the cylinder is to be horizontal, and the steam to work with equal force at each end thereof—The mode of forming a vacuum is believed to be entirely new; also of letting the water into it, and throwing it off against the atmosphere, without any friction. The undertakers are also of
Page 94 - or materials for such purpose, shall have a lien to secure the payment of the same upon such building, and the lot of land, on which the same stands, and upon the right of redeeming the same, when the same has been previously conveyed in mortgage: Provided always, that no such lien shall attach
Page 143 - declared to be, the unit and only standard measure of capacity, from which all other measures of capacity to be used, as well for wine, beer, ale, spirits, and all sorts of liquids, as for dry goods not measured by heaped measure, shall be derived, computed, and ascertained;

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