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Sound advice for financial health

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Dave Ramsey gives you a logical path to debt payoff. Although I was not in debt with anything but mortgage I was on board with some friends and use weekly planning and cash management strategy. My ... Read full review

Item Was A Gift

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The product was a gift to go along with the audio teaching. The only negative comment that I have is that the audio teaching of this product arrived within a week but the workbook came a week later ... Read full review

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I never finished the book, but ended up taking this class. I paid off $32,000+ within a year from starting his class, pretty helpful. Mostly common sense stuff that most people wouldn't think to do, but it has a lot of other helpful tips that I would have never thought of, or even heard of.

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This book is required reading.

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This book will change your financial outlook, keep you out of debt for life, and teach you how to build wealth. This is a must-read for teenagers, college students and adults!

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Amazing Book! It totally changed how I view money and the affliction of "stuffitis". My husband and I have been on the plan for 3 months and we've paid off 3 credit cards with 2 more to be paid off in the next 3 months! His advice is real and practical. It's not an easy quick fix. It's tough and painful in the beginning but there's an amazing sense of power you get when you take control of your finances and tell the big lending institutions "NO MORE".
The book is an easy read and we've already decided to give copies of it as a gift to our loved ones. If you can't afford to take the Financial Peace classes, start with this book. It will lay everything out for you including all of the baby steps as well as lots of great forms in the back! Then once you get your debt snowball rolling and have freed up a little of your outgoing each month, then try the class!

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Concrete steps anyone can follow to manage money and life.

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You have to read this book, I do not care who you are read it.

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If you've listened to Dave's radio show, you know what you are getting in this book. Throw in some personal and other success stories. The book is good and a quick read, definitely recommend this plan!

Great service

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Fast service great book!!! Read full review

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