Parlate Italiano? Or Do You Speak Italian?: A Pocket Companion for Beginners who Wish to Acquire the Facility of Expressing Themselves Fluently on Every-day Topics in a Short, Easy and Practical Way ...

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DeVries, Ibarra & Company, 1865
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Page 70 - We have had no winter this year. It is spring weather. To-day is a summer's day. I longed for the spring. It is the season I like best. It is the most pleasant of ail seasons.
Page 50 - I don't believe a word of it. I think so. I think not. I make no doubt of it. Are you quite sure of it ? I am sure of it. I am certain of it. Nothing more certain. Nothing is more certain. I answer for it. — I will war rant it.
Page 60 - I am extremely glad of it. It gives me great joy. It makes me very happy to hear it. It gives me a great deal of joy. It gives me the greatest pleasure. How happy I am ! I am overjoyed at it. I give you joy. — I wish you joy. I give you joy with ail my heart.
Page 68 - It is time to go to bed. I do not like to go to bed late. I like to go to bed in good tima I wiah you a good night.
Page 65 - Pretty good, and how is yours ? Do I see you well ? Very well, and how do you do? How have you been since I had the pleasure of seeing you?
Page 67 - It begins to grow late. It is almost time to go to bed. Mr. A*** is not come home yet. I don't think he will be long, I think he will not be long. I dare say he will not be long.
Page 67 - They won't breakfast this . hour. "We have full an hour before us. Well, let us go for a little airing. It will sharpen our appetite. The walk will give us an appetite. The walk will give an edge to our appetite.
Page 57 - I am quite dissatisfled with you. I shall be dissatisfied. I shall be very angry. Be quiet. Have done. Have done, I say. Can't you be still Can't you be quiet ? I tell you beforehand that..* I tell you that.
Page 30 - I am not deaf. Art thou diligent ? Is not your coat blue ? We are not merry. Are you not dull ? They are not very inodcst. Was I not excusable ? Wast thou not lavish ? Was he lame ? We were not lucky. I Were you studious ? Were they not discreet ? Was I ungrateful ? Wast thou not ashamed 1 He was not ill.
Page 64 - SALUTATION. Good morning, Sir. I wish you a good morning. How do you do this...

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