Barnabę Itinerarium; Or, Barnabee's Journal

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J. Harding, 1818 - Bars (Drinking establishments) - 347 pages
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Page 103 - Whether pure these are, or are not, As I know not, so I care not ; But if they be dissembling brothers, Their life surpasseth many others : See but their cell, school, and their temple, You'll say the stars were their example.
Page 14 - To Banbury came I, O profane one, Where I saw a PuritAne one Hanging of his cat on Monday For killing of a mouse on Sunday.
Page 130 - By th' graue and reuerend Pastor which they haue ; Whose life and doctrine are so ioint together (As both sincere, there's no defect in either,) For in him both Urim and Thummim be O that we had more Pastors such as he For then in Sion should Gods flocke...
Page 101 - The first whereof that I intend to show, ' Is merry Wakefield and her Pindar too : ' Which Fame hath blaz'd with all that did belong, ' Unto that Towne in many gladsome song: > ' The Pindars valour, and how firm he stood, ' In th' Townes defence 'gainst th' rebel Robin Hood, ' How stoutly he behav'd himselt'e, and would, ' In spite of Robin bring his horse to th...
Page 3 - Journal, Under the Names of Mirtilus and Faustulus shadowed : for the Travellers Solace lately published, to most apt numbers reduced, and to the old Tune of Barnabe commonly chanted. By Corymbaeus. The oyle of Malt and juyce of spritely nectar Have made my Muse more valiant than Hector.
Page 6 - Drunken Barnaby's Four Journeys to the North of England. In Latin and English Verse. Wittily and merrily (tfto...
Page 51 - Jaylor ripe and mellow, The world has not such a fellow. Thence to Ashton, good as may be Was the wine, brave Knight, bright Ladie, All I saw was comely specious, Seemly gratious, neatly precious; My Muse with Bacchus so long traded, When I walk't, my legs denaid it. Thence to Garestang, pray you harke it, Ent'ring there a great Beast-market, As I jogged on the street-a 'Twas my fortune for to meete-a A young Heyfer, who before her Tooke me up and threw me o're her.
Page 99 - But long they had not danc'd, till this yong maid, In a frest stammell petticote aray'd, With vellure sleues, and bodies tied with points.
Page 97 - Godmanchester, by one, With a clowd, as was Ixion, Was I gull'd ; she had no fellow, Her soft lips were moist and mellow, All night vow'd she to lye by me: But the giglet came not ny me. Thence to Huntington, in a cellar With a wench was there a dweller s An aged Oake takes of this Towne survey ; Findes Birds their Nests, tels Passengers their way. Hospes me suspectum Habens, Et in cellam tacite labens ; Quo audito, vertens rotam, Pinxi memet peraegrotum. Veni Harrington...
Page 93 - THE CAMERONIAN CAT THERE was a Cameronian cat Was hunting for a prey, And in the house she catched a mouse Upon the Sabbath-day. The Whig, being offended At such an act profane, Laid by his book, the cat he took, And bound her in a chain. " Thou damned, thou cursed creature ! This deed so dark with thee! Think'st thou to bring to hell below My holy wife and me? " Assure thyself that for the deed Thou blood for blood shalt pay; For killing of the Lord's own mouse Upon the Sabbath-day.

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