A New Gradatim

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Melville Clarence Smart
Sanborn, 1901 - Latin language - 157 pages
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Page 107 - Jovemque concilias, tu das epulis accumbere divom, nimborumque facis tempestatumque potentem.' 80 Haec ubi dicta, cavum conversa cuspide montem impulit in latus : ac venti, velut agmine facto, qua data porta, ruunt et terras turbine perflant...
Page 159 - ... reading after the minute study of an author or period in one of the fuller editions. For instance, after a class has read a play or two of Plautus and Terence carefully, with special reference to the peculiarities of style, language, metres, the methods of presenting a play, and the like, these editions will be admirably suited for the rapid reading of other plays. The Series also contains various supplementary works prepared by competent scholars.
Page 159 - The several volumes are prepared by special editors, who aim to revise the text carefully and to edit it in the most serviceable manner. Where there are German editions of unusual merit, representing years of special study under the most favorable circumstances, these are used, with the consent of the foreign editor, as a basis for the American edition.
Page 106 - Hie vasto rex Aeolus antro Luctantes ventos tempestatesque sonoras Imperio premit, ac vinclis et carcere frenat.
Page 159 - The editions are of two kinds, conforming to the different methods of studying Latin in our best institutions. Some contain in the introductions and commentary such a careful and minute treatment of the author's life, language, and style as to afford the means for a thorough appreciation of the author and his place in Latin literature. Others aim merely to assist the student to a good reading knowledge of the author, and have only the text and brief explanatory notes at the bottom of each page. The...
Page 111 - ... facere. Circe tamen unguento quodam corpora eorum unxit ; quo facto, omnes post breve tempus in speciem humanam redditi sunt. Magno cum gaudio Ulixes amicos agnovit et nuntium ad litus misit, qui reliquis Graecis socios receptos esse diceret.
Page 1 - ... is also a sibilant. Double consonants : x — cs or gs, z = ds. H is only the sign of a rough breathing. Pronunciation. NOTE. — Latin is now pronounced differently in different countries. English-speaking people use either the Roman or the English method. 4. ROMAN METHOD. 1. Vowels. a has the sound of a in father.
Page 110 - Ulixi dedit. Ille, etsi suspicatus est venenum sibi paratum esse, poculum exhausit : quo facto, Circe, postquam caput eius baculo tetigit, ea verba locuta est, quibus socios eius antea in porcos converterat. Res tamen omnino aliter evenit atque illa speraverat.
Page 103 - Tum, cum saxum amovisset, ipse cum pecore suo ex antro progressus est : quod cum viderent Graeci magnam in spem venerunt, se post paulum evasuros. Mox tamen ab hac spe repulsi sunt : nam Polyphemus, postquam omnes oves exierunt, saxum in locum restituit Reliqui, omni spe salutis deposita, lamentis lacrimisque se dediderunt : Ulixes vero qui (tit supra demonstravimus), vir magni fuit consili, etsi bene intellegebat rem in discrimine esse, nondum omnino desperabat.

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