Plucky Boys

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D. Lothrop, 1884 - 345 pages
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Page 350 - ... KINGS. Edited by SF Smith, DD i2mo. Illustrated . i 50 Two entertaining books, which will fasten forever the historical and geographical lessons of the school-room firmly in the student's mind. CHAPLIN'S LIFE OF BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. i6mo. Illustrated . . . . i 50 LIFE OF AMOS LAWRENCE.
Page 8 - Not go back; when I'm captain! why, you and father both said that if I got to be that, I should not stop till I was seventeen — and now I'm only fifteen and a half. O, mother, you don't mean it! Father couldn't break his word! I may go back!" Mrs. Boyd shook her head sadly, and then explained as briefly and calmly as she could the heavy blow which had fallen upon the father, and, indeed, upon the whole family. Mr. Boyd had long been troubled with his eyes, about as serious a trouble as could have...
Page 350 - DD i6 mo. Illustrated . . . . - . I 50 The stories of Speke, Grant, Baker, Livingstone and Stanley are put into simple shape for the entertainment of young readers. NOBLE WORKERS. Edited by SF Smith, DD i6mo ....... i 50 STORIES OF SUCCESS. Edited by SF Smith, DD i6mo . . . . . I 50 Inspiring biographies...
Page 23 - Then you were the gentleman who told him you couldn't keep a dog and bark yourself?" said Mrs. Boyd, amused, and just a shade hopeful. "Precisely. Nor can I. It would have been cool impudence in a lad to come and ask to be taught his work first and then paid for it, if he hadn't been so very much in earnest that I was rather sorry for him.
Page 316 - The President took the lad's papers, and ran his eye over them with that penetrating and absorbing look so familiar to all who knew him, and then took his pen and wrote upon the back of one of them : "If Captain Goodnow can give a place to this good little boy, I shall be gratified," and signed it
Page 17 - gang awa back to my mither,' as that old gentleman advised me, who objected to bark himself; a queer, crabbed old fellow he was too, but he was the only one who asked my name and address. The rest of them — well, mother, I've stood a good deal these seven days," Donald added, gulping down something between a "fuff " of wrath and a sob. "I am sure you have, my boy.
Page 349 - Christian Advocate. OUR STREET, By the same author, is a capital story of every day life which deals with genuine character in a most interesting manner. THE TRIPLE E, Just published, is a book whose provoking title will be at once acknowledged by the reader as an appropriate one. It fully sustains the author's Deputation. ACHOR, a new book in press. D. LOTHROP & CO., Publishers, Boston. FIELD, WOOD, AND MEADOW RAMBLES, or How w
Page 349 - Lothrop & Co. Full of striking incident and scenes of great pathos, with occasional gleams of humor and fun by way of relief to the more tragic parts of the narrative. The characters are strongly drawn, and, in general, are thoroughly human, not gifted with impossible perfections, but having those infirmities of the flesh which make us all akin. It will take rank among the best and most popular Sunday-school books.— Episcopal Register. A pure sweet story of girl life, quiet, and yet of sufficient...
Page 12 - I'm not bad at figures; as for my Latin and Greek — " Here Donald gulped down a sigh, for he was a capital classic, and it had been suggested that he should go to Glasgow University and try for "the Snell" which has sent so many clever young Scotsmen to Balliol College, Oxford, and thence on to fame and prosperity. But alas! no college career was now possible to Donald Boyd. The best he could hope for was to earn a few shillings a week as a common clerk. He knew this, and so did his mother. But...

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