Hydesville in History

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Progressive thinker publishing house, 1917 - Spiritualism - 62 pages

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Page 60 - How shocking must thy summons be, O Death, To him that is at ease in his possessions, Who, counting on long years of pleasure here, Is quite unfurnish'd for that world to come ! In that dread moment how the frantic soul Raves round the walls of her clay tenement, Runs to each avenue, and shrieks for help, But shrieks in vain...
Page 28 - I am not a believer in haunted houses or supernatural appearances. I am very sorry that there has been so much excitement about it. It has been a great deal of trouble to us. It was our misfortune to live here at this time ; but I am willing and anxious that the truth should be known, and that a true statement should be made. I cannot account for these noises ; all that I know is that they have been heard repeatedly, as I have stated. I have heard this rapping again this (Tuesday) morning, April...
Page 27 - If it was an injured spirit, make two raps,' which were instantly made, causing the house to tremble. I asked, ' Were you injured in this house ? ' The answer was given as before. ' Is the person living that injured you ? ' Answered by raps in the same manner.
Page 5 - Mr. Weekman makes the statement in substance as follows : That one evening, about the time of retiring, he heard a rapping on the outside door, and, what was rather unusual for him, instead of familiarly bidding them ' come in,' stepped to the door and opened it. He had no doubt of finding some one who wished to come in, but, to his surprise, found no one there. He went back and proceeded to undress, when, just before getting into bed, he heard another rap at the door, loud and distinct. He stepped...
Page 21 - ... not make the noises or rapping which I and others heard ; that I do not know of any person who did or could have made them ; that I have spent considerable time, since then, in order to satisfy myself as to the cause of it, but cannot account for it on any other ground than that it is supernatural. I lived in the same house about seven years ago, and at that time never heard any noises of the kind in and about the premises. I have understood from...
Page 28 - etc., and when he mentioned five hundred the raps replied in the affirmative. Many called in who were fishing in the 'Creek, and all heard the same questions and answers. Many remained in the house all night. I and my children left the house. My husband remained in the house with Mr. Redfield all night. On the next Saturday the house was filled to overflowing. There were no sounds heard during day, but they commenced again in the evening.
Page 30 - ... asked if it was an injured spirit, and it rapped. I asked if it had come to hurt any one who was present, and it did not rap. I then reversed this question, and it rapped. I asked if I or my father had injured it, (as we had formerly lived in the house,) there was no noise. Upon asking the negative of these questions, the rapping was heard. I then asked if Mr. (naming a person who had formerly lived in the house,) had injured it and if so, to manifest it by rapping...
Page 26 - My husband had not gone to bed when we first heard the noise on this evening. I had just lain down. It commenced as usual. I knew it from all other noises I had ever heard in the house. The girls, who slept in the other bed in the room, heard the noise, and tried to make a similar noise by snapping their fingers.
Page 30 - ... asking the negative of these questions, the rapping was heard. I then asked if Mr. (naming a person who had formerly lived in the house) had injured it, and if so, to manifest it by rapping ; and it made three knocks louder than common, and at the same time the bedstead jarred more than it had done before. I then inquired if it was murdered for money, and the knocking was heard. I then requested it to rap when I mentioned the sum of money for which it was murdered. I then asked if it was one...
Page 20 - They were all readily answered in the same way. I staid in the house until about twelve o'clock and then came home. Mr. Redfield and Mr. Fox staid in the house that night. ** Saturday night I went over again about seven o'clock. The house was full of people when I got there. They said it had been rapping some time. I went into the room. It was rapping in answer to questions when I went in "There were as many as three hundred people in and around the house at this time, I should think.

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