Shakespeare's History of Pericles, Prince of Tyre

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American Book Company, 1905 - Tyre (Lebanon) - 221 pages
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Page 79 - Sailor. Slack the bolins there ! — Thou wilt not, wilt thou ? Blow, and split thyself. 2 Sailor. But sea-room, an the brine and cloudy billow kiss the moon, I care not. 1 Sailor. Sir, your queen must overboard ; the sea works high, the wind is loud, and will not lie till the
Page 114 - woe, and shall deliver weeping. My dearest wife was like this maid, and such a one My daughter might have been: my queen's square brows, Her stature to an inch, as wand-like straight, '/' As silver-voic'd, her eyes as jewel-like no And cas'd as richly ; in pace another Juno,
Page 36 - You are a fair viol, and your sense the strings, Who, finger'd to make man his lawful music, Would draw heaven down, and all the gods, to hearken ; But, being play'd upon before your time, Hell only danceth at so harsh a chime. Good sooth, I care not for you.
Page 118 - Pericles. O Helicanus, strike me, honour'd sir; Give me a gash, put me to present pain, ^ Lest this great sea of joys rushing upon me O'erbear the shores of my mortality, And drown me with their sweetness. — O, come hither,
Page 82 - To please the fool and death. 2 Gentleman. Your honour has through Ephesus pour'd forth Your charity, and hundreds call themselves Your creatures, who by you have been restor'd ; And not your knowledge, your personal pain, but even Your purse, still open, hath built Lord Cerimon '.' Such strong renown as time shall never
Page 120 - DIANA appears to PERICLES as in a vision Diana. My temple stands in Ephesus; hie thee thither, 240 And do upon mine altar sacrifice. There, when my maiden priests are met together, Before the people all, Reveal how thou at sea didst lose thy wife ; To mourn thy crosses, with thy daughter's, call
Page 109 - silk, twin with the rubied cherry ; That pupils lacks she none of noble race, Who pour their bounty on her, and her gain 10 She gives the cursed bawd. Here we her place, And to her father turn our thoughts again '-'Where we left him' on the sea. We there him lost,
Page 85 - Cleon's House Enter PERICLES, CLEON, DIONYZA, and LYCHORIDA with MARINA in her arms Pericles. Most honour'd Cleon, I must needs be gone; My twelve months are expir'd, and Tyrus stands In a litigious peace. You, and your lady, Take from my heart all thankfulness ! The gods Make up the rest upon you ! 6
Page 45 - Well, I perceive he was a wise ^fellow and had good discretion that, being bid to ask what he would of the king, desired he might know none of his secrets. Now do I see he had some reason for 't; for if a king bid a man be a villain, he 's bound by the
Page 79 - Where, for a monument upon thy bones, And aye-remaining lamps, the belching whale ; - And humming water must o'erwhelm thy corpse, Lying with simple shells. — O Lychorida, Bid Nestor bring me spices, ink and paper, My casket and my jewels : and bid Nicander

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