Experimental Physics: A Course for Freshmen : Being a Revision of Alexander's Manual

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1902 - Physics - 80 pages
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Page 16 - The fraction of a division above this mark should be carefully estimated and recorded in tenths of a degree. the difference in level between the mercury in the two arms of the U-tube.
Page 42 - The index of refraction is equal to the ratio of the sine of the angle of...
Page 13 - ... in a tube over mercury or water, and the level of the liquid inside the tube is higher than that outside, the gas is under diminished pressure, the amount of diminution depending on the height of the column of mercury or water in the tube. Thus, if the arrangement be as represented in Fig.
Page 13 - If the radii, of the tube, and of the basin, of a barometer, be 1 and 3 ; and the index shews, at sight, the height of the mercury in the tube, above that in the basin ; prove that the inch upon the scale : a real inch :: 8 : 9, the thickness of the tube being neglected.
Page 31 - If three forces acting at a point are in equilibrium they can be represented in magnitude and direction by the three sides of a triangle taken in order.
Page 27 - The lever arm of a moment is the perpendicular distance from the center of rotation to the line of action of the force.
Page 67 - IV with fine copper instead of brass. 36. ELECTROMOTIVE FORCE. I. (a) Connect a low-resistance galvanometer (an ammeter) directly to a Daniell cell and note the reading. Introduce another Daniell cell into the circuit in series with the first cell, connecting the copper plate of one cell to the zinc plate of the other, so that the currents due to both flow in the same direction through the ammeter. What change did the second cell produce in the reading of the ammeter, if any?
Page 27 - FIG. 36. perpendicular distance from the point to the direction of the force, and this product is called the moment of the force about the point.
Page 12 - I. Take a closed tube, at least 80 cm. long, and wipe it clean and dry with a swab tied to a long and stiff wire. Then fill it with mercury by means of a small funnel. Close the open end with the thumb and invert the tube in a reservoir of mercury. After removing the thumb, does the mercury in the tube fall to the same level as the mercury in the reservoir? If not, why? What is meant by the "barometric pressure" ? Measure the height of the mercury in the tube above that in the reservoir.
Page 42 - For one and the same medium, and the same ray of light, the ratio of the sine of the angle of incidence to that of the angle of refraction is a constant quantity for the same medium and the same ray.

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