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this text is very interesting and has many facts , im 48 years old and im always learning

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This book profiles Melanie Richey's murder in 1994. It says that she attended Lakeside High School, in McCormack County, Georgia. This is not correct. The school is located in Columbia County.

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I have never read a book written in such a way that it contradicts what it is preaching. Ninety pages into the book and I have yet to learn anything about Criminal Profiling. The author expends all his writing in telling us why everyone else is wrong and about the things we shouldn't be doing. If he just took the time to tell us what he thinks we should be doing then we wouldn't have to worry about the things we shouldn't be doing because we wouldn't be doing them.
He talks about ego being detrimental to being an objective profiler and yet he has the biggest ego of all. In fact most of his writing seems personally motivated. He also seems to believe that unless you have the symbols for Bachelor, Master or Doctor of Philosophy at the end of your name you can't be qualified to be a profiler. Some of the stupidest people are the ones with degrees, as evidenced by this author.

Review: Criminal Profiling: An Introduction to Behavioral Evidence Analysis

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