The Universal Library; Or, Compleat Summary of Science: Containing Above Sixty Select Treatises ... with Divers Secrets, Experiments and Curiosities Therein, Volume 2

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George Sawbridge at the Three Flower-de-Lys in Little Britain, 1712 - Encyclopedias and dictionaries
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Page 521 - Surely there is a vein for the silver, And a place for gold where they fine it. Iron is taken out of the earth, And brass is molten out of the stone.
Page 573 - The Academy of Armory, or, a Storehouse of Armory and Blazon. Containing The several variety of Created Beings, and how born in Coats of Arms, both Foreign and Domestick. With The Instruments used in all Trades, and Sciences, together with their Terms of Art. Also The Etymologies, Definitions, and Historical Observations on the same, Explicated and Explained according to our Modern Language.
Page 152 - The circumference of every circle, whether great or small, is supposed to be divided into 360 equal parts, called degrees ; and every degree into 60 parts, called minutes ; and every minute into 60 seconds.
Page 108 - Synecdoche is the rhetorical figure by which a part is put for the whole, or the whole for a part Quintilian Inst, viii., 6, 19.
Page 576 - Chrift» giving an Account of the Origin of all the Idolatries of the ancient Pagans, as far as they relate to the Jewifh Worfliip.
Page 574 - Excellent English Poet, Jeffrey Chaucer : As they have lately been Compar'd with the best Manuscripts ; and several things added, never before in Print. To which is adjoyn'd, The Story of the Siege of Thebes, By John Lidgate, Monk of Bury. Together with The Life of Chaucer, Shewing His Countrey, Parentage, Education, Marriage, Children, Revenues, Service, Reward, Friends, Books, Death.
Page 349 - ... also to the driving of a chariot, by which a man may sail on the land, as well as by a ship on the water.
Page 573 - With their Etymology; Their Proper, Figurative, Burlesque and Cant / Significations; The Common Terms of Arts and Sciences; The Proper / Names of Men; The Surnames of Families, and an Account of them; The / Titles of the Nobility of Spain...
Page 286 - ... house' or sign of the zodiac it was at the exact moment of a person's birth. There may also be a 'conjunction' of planets (see note on 385 below) 'and this is either good or bad, as the Planets are either Friends or Enemies one to the other
Page 574 - Chaucer, Shewing His Countrey, Parentage, Education, Marriage, Children, Revenues, Service, Reward, Friends, Books, Death. Also a Table, wherein the old and Obscure Words in Chaucer are explained, and such Words (which are many) that either are, by Nature or Derivation, Arabick, Greek, Latine, Italian, French, Dutch, or Saxon, mark'd with particular Notes for the better understanding their Original. London, Printed in the Year MDCLXXXVII.

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