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Page 2 - It is possible that death may be the consequence of two generally co-existing causes ; the one chance, without previous disposition to death, or deterioration ; the other a deterioration, or an increased inability to withstand destruction.
Page 3 - ... the average exhaustion of a man's power to avoid death to be such that at the end of equal infinitely small intervals of time, he lost equal portions of his remaining power to oppose destruction, which he had at the commencement of these intervals," for which secondary cause the intensity of mortality increases in geometrical progression.
Page x - Farren concludes that the rates of mortality of persons insured, "would not particularly differ from those prevailing among the male population at large, taken indiscriminately without regard to health.
Page xi - Directors that arc thought very eligible at the time, in cases where they are not aware of any specific objection to the life proposed. Besides, it is to be considered that of the number in a Society at any one tune but a small proportion can have been recently admitted, and in a few years from the time of admission the me-wbert will generally have come down to the common arerage of persons of UK same ayes."] Mr.

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