Memoirs of seventy years of an eventful life, Volume 1

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With the surname of Halton-Hulbert, this book has indeed joined the dots for me personally.
A fascinating read from an historical point of view on Britain and snippets on the family.
His language is
old english and is a charming example of descriptive writing and convoluted sentence structure.
An eccentric Christian who based his belief in God on the visitation of the spirit world eg. ghosts.

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Page 96 - Ten thousand thousand precious gifts My daily thanks employ ; Nor is the least a cheerful heart, That tastes those gifts with joy. Through every period of my life Thy goodness I'll pursue ; And after death in distant worlds The glorious theme renew.
Page 196 - What did your godfathers and godmothers then for you ? A. They did promise and vow three things in my name. First, that I should renounce the devil and all his works, the pomps and vanities of this wicked world, and all the sinful lusts of the flesh.
Page 37 - Thus to relieve the wretched was his pride, And e'en his failings leaned to virtue's side; But in his duty prompt at every call, He watched and wept, he prayed and felt for all ; And, as a bird each fond endearment tries To tempt its new-fledged offspring to the skies, He tried each art, reproved each dull delay, Allured to brighter worlds, and led the way.
Page 188 - GOD the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost, bless, preserve, and keep you; the Lord mercifully with his favour look upon you; and so fill you with all spiritual benediction and grace, that ye may so live together in this life, that in the world to come ye may have life everlasting.
Page 96 - When in the slippery paths of youth, With heedless steps I ran, Thine arm unseen conveyed me safe, And led me up to man.
Page 148 - When with a dying hand he waves adieu To all who love so well, and weep so true : Meek, as an infant to the mother's breast Turns fondly longing for its wonted rest, He pants for where congenial spirits stray, Turns to his God, and sighs his soul away...
Page 247 - Call upon me in the day of trouble, and I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.
Page 200 - Or worn by slowly-rolling years, Or broke by sickness in a day, The fading glory disappears, The short-lived beauties die away. 5 Yet these, new rising from the tomb, With lustre brighter far shall shine, Revive with ever-during bloom, Safe from diseases and decline. 6 Let sickness blast, let death devour, If heaven must recompense our pains ; Perish the grass, and fade the flower, If firm the word of God remains.
Page 148 - From first to last, this ray of sacred light, This lamp, from off the everlasting throne, Mercy took down, and, in the night of Time Stood, casting on the dark her gracious bow ; And evermore beseeching men, with tears And earnest sighs, to read, believe, and live.
Page 37 - Remote from towns he ran his godly race, Nor e'er had changed, nor wished to change, his place; Unpractised he to fawn, or seek for power By doctrines fashioned to the varying hour, Far other aims his heart had learned to prize, More skilled to raise the wretched than to rise.

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