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DELIRIUM begins Lauren Oliver's worthy dystopian trilogy about a muchchanged world where personal choice is forbidden and love is a crime. Everyone in this civilization will eventually receive the cure for the disease "amor deliria nervosa," and suspects displaying early symptoms will be arrested and face immediate surgery. Lena Haloway is among the droves of sensible, average 17yearolds who ... Read full review

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I loved it, especially the be truthful I hadn't really understood the meaning of love as well untill I finished this book. I like how at the end she mentions the Romeo and Juliet story and how she would describe it as scrifice and beautiful. One of my most favorite characters was Grace. Over all this was an excellent book, I'd be sad to read the second book knowing how the first one ended. 

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This is such an amazing book. It kept me on the edge of my seat while reading every chapter. I like how the theory is made about love being a disease. The ending is very sad, but it's interesting to see what the characters choose to do and what path they follow throughout this novel. I advice everyone to read this book. @candi_joness 

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I liked this book but didn't love it exactly. The story line is good and it kept my attention well. However I didn't find myself as sucked into the story as i have other books. It was my first time reading a book of this genre so it could just be me, but just from glancing at the other reviews, I don't think so. It was well worth the read and I will probably read Hanna and Pandemonium and the book after that.  

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