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Not any good for time and money.much hyped.One can read as a fantasy book for some laugh but dont expect a rating increase.

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For reference. I am about 1700 USCF. My use of chess books in the past is moderate. Silman's book was GREAT as a beginner. I'd suggest that you be about 1400 before you really start looking at it.
Silman concentrates on studying imbalances in the position, and learning how to use them as effective tools of attack and defense. This "imbalance system" he suggests as a way in which you can plan for the duration of the game, though he stresses the necessity to study openings and endgames seperately as well.
Supposedly the target audience of the book was 1000-2000, but I feel as if the book was lost on me at first, and not detailed enough when I was higher rated (it talks in generalities a lot of the time). This said, the book is entertaining, educational, and an easy read for those new tournament players.
I recommend this book highly for 1400-1700 rated players.

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IM Jeremy Silman makes a decent attempt, but you'll probably learn more from his Workbook than the original.

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