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I don't believe I have ever read H.G. Wells work before, though I grew up with the original War of the Worlds movie on heavy replay. I think this is a case where I can say I read a classic work and I ... Read full review

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The First men in the Moon by H.G. Wells, is a sci fi story originally published in 1901, exploring the theme of space travel. In the book two men, Bedford and Cavor, fly to the moon in a spherical ship made from a special material which provides the ship with power. The men are surprised to find that they are nearly weightless on the moon, and can jump great distances. But all is not well as Bedford and Cavor soon find, there something else out there.I think this book was a good read, especially because it provided a sort of novelty experience. The book was written long before we had the capabilities to go to the moon, and yet the author, H.G. Wells predicts correctly, to a limited extent what the moon is like. This book is good for anyone interested in its novelty, as well as people who enjoyed sci-fi books such as Ender's Game and The Martian. 

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I decided to try reading this book in order to check out the Kindle reader for iPhone. It made sense since I've always been a big fan of H. G. Wells, and the book was free. In the end I was pleasantly surprised to find that the book is quite good in its own right and makes for an engaging and gripping read. Even though the Moon does not hold the same fascination in our mind as to this day Mars does, and many of the "scientific" ideas presented in the book nowadays seem downright silly, the narrative is still very compelling and makes for a fascinating read. H. G. Wells is very good at developing an action-packed plot, and if we can somehow suspend over hundred years of new knowledge, the events and premises in the novel become very plausible. Another fascinating aspect of Wells' novels is the use of Sci-fi genre as a tool of social and political critique, and the last part of this book has a good dose of it as well. This may not be as good of a book as perhaps "The War of the Worlds" or "The Time Machine" are, but it still entertains and provokes thought after all this time has passed. I would strongly recommend it to all the classic Sci-fi fans out there. 

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Great story. Epub is pretty high quality, 'though it doesn't have the images.

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