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Page 230 - When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.
Page 261 - From Fame-leaf and Angel-leaf, From monument and urn, The sad of Earth, the glad of Heaven, His tragic fate shall learn; And on Fame-leaf and Angel-leaf, The name of HALE shall burn!
Page 4 - If oppression proceeds, despotism may force an annual Congress; and a public spirit of enterprise may originate an American Magna Charta and Bill of Rights, supported by such intrepid and persevering importunity as even sovereignty may hereafter judge it not wise to withstand. THERE WILL BE A RUNNYMEDE IN AMERICA.
Page 113 - Shall tell from whom I learnt the martial art, With what high chiefs I play'd my early part, With Parsons first, whose eye, with piercing ken, Reads through their hearts the characters of men; Then how I aided, in the foll'wing scene, Death-daring Putnam—then immortal GreeneThen how great Washington my youth approv'd, In rank
Page 24 - One thing I must mention, to be kept as a profound secret. The fort at Ticonderoga must be seized as soon as possible, should hostilities be committed by the king's troops. The people on New Hampshire Grants have engaged to do this business, and in my opinion they are the most proper persons for this job. This will effectually curb this Province, and all
Page 16 - For my part, I confess, when I was descending into the valley, from off Bunker Hill, side by side of Captain Chester, at the head of our company, I had no more thought of ever rising the hill again than I had of ascending to Heaven, as Elijah did, soul and body together.
Page 48 - we were given up for lost by all our friends. So critical indeed was our situation, and so narrow the gap by which we escaped, that the instant we had passed, the enemy closed it by extending their line from river to river.
Page 40 - if we cannot otherwise rid ourselves of British taxation, all revenues, and the constitution or form of government enacted for us by the British Parliament. It is evil against right. . . . It is now or never that we must assert our liberty.
Page 287 - striking. This little establishment, where comfort and simplicity reign, gave an idea of that sweet and serene state of happiness which appears to have taken refuge in the New World, after compounding it with pleasure, to which it has left the Old.
Page 165 - My ancient corporeal fabric is almost tottering under the fatigue I have lately undergone: constantly rising at 2 o'clock in the morning to examine our lines, which are very extensive, till daybreak, and from that time perpetually till eleven in giving orders, sending despatches, and doing the proper business of quartermasters, colonels, commissaries, and I know not what.

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