Greenhouses: Their Construction and Equipment

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Orange Judd Company, 1917 - Architecture - 269 pages

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Page 118 - It is impossible to give a rule that will apply in all cases, as the amount varies with the kind and thickness of the paint, the kind of wood or other material to which it is applied, the age of the surface, etc. The following is an approximate rule : Divide the number of square feet of surface by 200. The result will be the number of gallons of liquid paint required to give two coats ; or divide by 18, and the result will be the number of pounds of pure ground white lead required to give three coats.
Page 171 - British thermal unit — the amount of heat required to raise one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit.
Page 229 - ... load on the pump is more steady and regular than is the case in the common jet condenser. The danger of the water working back into the engine cylinder, in case of flooding, is less with this form of jet condenser than with the common jet condenser. 27. The injection opening of a jet condenser must not be more than 20 feet above the surface of the water supply, and it is highly important that the injection pipe be entirely free from air leaks. 28. In Fig. 5 is shown a jet condenser in connection...
Page 177 - ... warming, and it is sufficient to add that they can be easily studied by anyone who is sufficiently mechanical to make a small model of glass pipes and flasks, with the aid of rubber corks and tubing, applying the heat from the flame of a candle. It will be noticed that the flow pipe is taken from the top of the boiler and the return connected to the side low down. If this side...
Page vii - ... of the various experiment stations and of the United States Department of Agriculture...
Page 233 - Multiply the fall in feet by the quantity of water supplied to the ram in gallons per minute, divide the product by the height the water is to be raised, and the result will be in gallons per minute.
Page 186 - This makes practical the heating of the coils to a high temperature in severe winter weather and at the same time permits the system to be run at lower temperatures in mild weather. In this respect it has the advantage over steam. It is claimed for these mercury "generator" devices that they greatly improve the circulation of the water in a heating system.
Page 141 - This sliding movement is utilized to operate the sash by means of a right angle lever, pivoted at the angle with the short arm attached to the shaft and the long arm to the sash.
Page 6 - England the grape vine is hardy, but the summers are too cool and the seasons too short to ripen the fruit to perfection. This led to the training of the vines on the south side of buildings and walls that they might receive more fully the light and heat of the sun.
Page 52 - The principal disadvantage is that during the middle of the day, when the sun's rays are most potent, they strike obliquely against the roof an4 much heat and light is lost by reflection.

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