Enquiry Into Plants and Minor Works on Odours and Weather Signs, Volume 1

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Life at the children's amusement park becomes a nightmare for twelve-year-old Joan when she tries to discover who is sabotaging the park's operation.

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Page 469 - THE LOEB CLASSICAL LIBRARY VOLUMES ALREADY PUBLISHED LATIN AUTHORS APULEIUS. THE GOLDEN ASS (METAMORPHOSES). Trans, by W. Adlington (1566). Revised by S. Gaselee. (<ith Impression.) AULUS GELLIUS. Trans, by JC Rolfe. 3 Vols. AUSONIUS. Trans, by HG Evelyn White. 2 Vols.
Page 470 - Vol. SOPHOCLES. Trans, by F. Storr. 2 Vols. ST. JOHN DAMASCENE : BARLAAM AND IOASAPH. Trans, by the Rev. GR Woodward and Harold Mattingly. STRABO : GEOGRAPHY. Trans, by Horace L. Jones.
Page 103 - THE ways in which trees and plants in general originate are these :—spontaneous growth, growth from seed, from a root, from a piece torn off, from a branch or twig, from the trunk itself...
Page 387 - ... knot' (which some call a fungus, others a bark blister), and it resembles the effect of sunscorch. "The fig is also liable to scab. The fig is also often a victim to rot and to krados. It is called rot when the root turns black; it is called krados when the branches do so. Scab chiefly occurs when there is not much rain, after the rising of the pleiad. "As to diseases of seeds — some are common to all, as rust, some are peculiar to certain kinds; thus chick-pea is alone subject to rot. Some...
Page 470 - Vol. THE APOSTOLIC FATHERS. Trans, by Kirsopp Lake. 2 Vols. APPIAN'S ROMAN HISTORY. Trans, by Horace White. 4 Vols. DAPHNIS AND CHLOE. Thornley's Translation revised byj.
Page 469 - Vol. CICERO: LETTERS TO ATTICUS. Trans, by EO Winstedt. Vols I and II. CONFESSIONS OF ST. AUGUSTINE. Trans, by W. Watts (1631). 2 Vols. HORACE: ODES AND EPODES. Trans, by CE Bennett. 1 Vol. OVID: HEROIDES AND AMORES. Trans, by Grant Showerman. I Vol. OVID : METAMORPHOSES. Trans, by FJ Miller. 2 Vols. PETRONIUS. Trans, by M. Heseltine ; SENECA : APOCOLOCYNTOSIS.
Page 3 - In considering the distinctive characters of plants and their nature generally, one must take into account their parts, their qualities, the ways in which their life originates, and the course which it follows in each case (conduct and activities we do not find in them, as we do in animals). Now the differences in the way in which their life originates, in their qualities, and in their life-history are comparatively easy to observe and are simpler, while those shown in their 'parts
Page 149 - ... the use of the wild fruit." The process is thus performed: when the male palm is in flower, they at once cut off the spathe on which the flower is, just as it is, and shake the bloom with the flower and the dust over the fruit of the female, and, if this is done to it, it retains the fruit and does not shed it.
Page 470 - Impression.) PHILOSTRATUS AND EUNAPIUS, LIVES OF THE SOPHISTS. Trans, by Wilmer Cave Wright. PINDAR. Trans, by Sir JE Sandys, (yd Impression.) PLATO : EUTHYPHRO, APOLOGY, CRITO, PHAEDO.
Page 469 - SENECA : TRAGEDIES. Trans, by FJ Miller. 2 Vols. SUETONIUS. Trans, by JC Rolfe. 2 Vols. TACITUS: DIALOGUS. Trans, by Sir Wm. Peterson; AGRICOLA AND GERMANIA.

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