Imaginary Portraits

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Macmillan, 1902 - 180 pages
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Page 27 - a world so different from mine. Those coquetries, those vain and perishable graces, can be rendered so perfectly, only through an intimate understanding of them. For him, to understand must be to despise them ; while, (I think I know why,) he nevertheless undergoes their fascination. Hence that discontent with himself, which keeps pace with his fame.
Page 168 - (he had already found the name for the thing) would indeed come, he had been in much bewilderment whence and how. Here, he began to see that it could be in no other way than by action of informing thought upon the vast accumulated material of which Germany was in
Page 65 - humble one—one of those little cliff-houses cut out in the low chalky hillside, such as are still to be found with inhabitants in certain districts of France—there were some who connected his birth with the story of a beautiful
Page 24 - he seems to say, yet with a profound resignation, which makes the things we are most of us so fondly occupied with look petty enough. Omnia vanitas I Is that indeed the proper comment on our lives, coming, as it does in this case, from one who might have made his own all that life has to bestow ? Yet he was never to be seen at
Page 180 - from one arch of the bridge, and in again under the other, the wind carrying the train behind him as he flew.
Page 85 - At twilight he came over the frozen snow. As he passed through the stony barriers of the place the world around seemed curdled to the centre—all but himself, fighting his way across it, turning now and then rightabout from the persistent wind, which dealt so roughly with his blond hair and the purple mantle whirled about him. The bones, hastily gathered, he placed,
Page 44 - he was found sketching, with so much truth to the inmost mind in them, those picturesque mountebanks at the Fair in the Grande Place; and I find, throughout his course of life, something of the essential melancholy of the comedian. He, so fastidious and cold, and who has never " ventured the representation of passion,
Page 154 - meridian day, of course, but a soft derivative daylight, good enough for us. It would be necessarily a mystic piece, abounding in fine touches, suggestions, innuendoes. His vague proposal was met half-way by the very practical executant power of his friend or servant, the
Page 153 - hyperborean Apollo, sojourning, in the revolutions of time, in the sluggish north for a season, yet Apollo still, prompting art, music, poetry, and the philosophy which interprets man's life, making a sort of intercalary day amid the natural darkness ; not meridian
Page 74 - gay magic, namely (art or trick) of his existence, till they found themselves grown into a kind of aristocracy, like veritable gens

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