Memories of a manager : reminiscences of the Old Lyceum and of some players of the last quarter century

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W. Heinemann, 1911 - Actors - 235 pages
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Page 226 - Act I. Mr. and Mrs. Telfer's Lodgings, at No. 2 Brydon Crescent, Clerkenwell. May. Act II. At Sir William Gower's, in Cavendish Square June. Act III. Again in Brydon Crescent. December. Act IV. On the stage of the Pantheon Theatre. A few days later. Period. — Somewhere in the early sixties.
Page 63 - Wells ' will have become nothing to me ! No, many and many a night you will see me in the house, looking down at you from the Circle — me and my husband ARTHUR. Yes, yes, certainly ! ROSE. And if you send for me I'll come behind the curtain to you, and sit with you and talk of bygone times, these times that end to-day. And shall I tell you the moments which will be the happiest to me in my life, however happy I may be with Arthur ? Why, whenever I find that I am...
Page 197 - I mean plays liked and patronized by the multitude — must be sound drama, and drama of the most convincing kind. By drama, I mean a transcript of life, either in its best form, as it exists; or in its ideal form, as life ought to be, embodying a wholesome story that is exalting in quality and uplifting in its effect.
Page vii - ... days or other similar cultured centers of other times. Mr. Frohman has long been one of the most successful of the managers who have practically controlled the American theater. Mr. Frohman's book will prove interesting to those people who like to read anecdotes and narrations about famous actors. It is "not a literary presentment of ideas and criticisms of the stage and its people, but a statement of facts, incidents, and experiences of stage life and some random observations, during twenty-five...
Page 105 - ... at increased prices, exceeded their receipts. So popular did Mr. and Mrs. Kendal become that they made five tours in this country during as many seasons. Mrs. Kendal won her audience in a moment after her first entrance on the first night of her American engagement. Her exuberant spirits, her hearty and captivating comedy qualities, the subtlety of her humour, her splendid poise and handsome appearance justified, to her new audiences, the splendid reputation that had preceded her. Her first entrance...
Page 224 - Demailly (His first appearance here) William Courtleigh Hon. Charles Denstroude Frank R. Mills Mr. St. Roche Felix Morris Lieut.-Col. Arthur Eave George Alison Mr. Adrian Mylls HS Taber Mr. Bartley Levan Henry Muller Mr. Percival Ord Seymour George Faulding John Findlay Fay Zuliani Mary Mannering Lady Ringstead Mrs. Charles Walcot Lady Chichele Mrs. Thomas Whifien Annis Katharine Florence Mrs.
Page 224 - Katharine Florence Mrs. St. Roche Norah Lamison Mrs. Ware Alison Skipworth Mrs. Marsh Grace Root Blanche Oriel Helen Macbeth Mrs. Sabiston Nina Morris Catharine Evelyn Carter The Princess Pannonia Julie Opp Stage direction of Mr.
Page 225 - O'DWYER, prompter at the Pantheon Theatre MR. DENZIL MR. MORTIMER MR. HUNSTON Miss BREWSTER HALLKEEPER at the Pantheon of the Pantheon Theatre THOS.
Page 6 - On looking over some manuscripts he owned, which had been left by his father, I found one that appeared attractive. It was called Trade. It was a story about a rich young auctioneer and his love for a titled young lady and, as in most English plays up to the period, "caste
Page 8 - Sothern was then, as now, fond of rehearsals. At his request I used to sit, at night, after the regular performance, in the silent auditorium and watch his effects on the stage. His development of a character was made up of a large number of little artistic details. He never trusted to chance. Every effect was carefully considered and rehearsed. During the first week of our play we watched carefully the performances and the business at the box-office.

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