A Treatise on the American Law of Real Property, Volume 1

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Little, Brown, 1864 - Real property
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Page 665 - Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal and the Commons in this present Parliament assembled and by authority of the same...
Page 664 - ... forth observed ; so that they to whom the land was given under " such condition shall have no power to aliene the land so given, " but that it shall remain unto the issue of them to whom it was " given after their death, or shall revert unto the giver or his
Page 666 - ... and grantees, their executors, administrators and assigns, as the said lessors or grantors themselves, or their heirs or successors, ought, should, or might have had and enjoyed at any time or times...
Page 374 - Here it is to be observed, that any act of the lessee by which he disaffirms or impugns the title of his lessor occasions a forfeiture of his lease.
Page 18 - States. By adopting them, they become our own, as entirely as if they had been enacted by the Legislature of the State.
Page 317 - A proviso giving a power of re-entry if the lessee "shall do or cause to be done, any act, matter or thing contrary to and in breach of any of the covenants...
Page 665 - And if he sell any part of such lands or tenements to any, the feoffee shall immediately hold it of the chief lord, and shall be forthwith charged with the services for so much as pertaineth or ought to pertain to the said chief lord, for the same parcel, according to the quantity of the land or tenement so sold ; and so in this case the same part of the service shall remain to the lord, to be taken by the hands of the feoffee, for the which he ought to be attendant and answerable to the same chief...
Page 109 - Property, (1st ed.) vol. 1, p. 108 : " In the United States, whether cutting of any kind of trees in any particular case is waste, seems to depend upon the question whether the act is such as a prudent farmer would do with his own land, having regard to the land as an inheritance, and whether doing it would diminish the value of the land as an estate.
Page 666 - King our sovereign lord, or of any other person or persons, of the reversion of the same manors, lands, tenements, and other hereditaments so letten, or any parcel thereof, for any condition, covenant or agreement contained or expressed in the indentures of their lease and leases, as the same lessees, or any of them might and should have had against the said lessors and grantors, their heirs and successors...
Page 666 - ... as also all other persons being grantees or assignees to or by our said sovereign lord the King, or to or by any other person or persons than the King's highness, and the heirs, executors, successors and assigns of every of them...

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