Archæologia Græca, or The antiquities of Greece

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A. J. Valpy, 1827 - Greece - 594 pages

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Page 252 - Thus while she said, (And shiv'ring at the sacred entry staid) Her color changed ; her face was not the same ; And hollow groans from her deep spirit came ; Her hair stood up ; convulsive rage possess'd Her trembling limbs, and heaved her lab'ring breast. Greater than
Page 255 - facilis datur exitus umbris : Altera candenti perfecta nitens elephanto ; Sed falsa ad cœlum mittunt insomnia .Manes.' Two gates the silent house of sleep adorn ; Of
Page 135 - that its life could be no advantage either to itself or to the public, since nature had not given it at first any strength or goodness of constitution/
Page 500 - From room to room their eager view they bend ; Thence to the bath, a beauteous pile, descend ; Where a bright damsel-train attend the guests With liquid
Page 91 - and carried it to a certain part of the market-place, surrounded with wooden rails for that purpose, in which were ten gates for the ten tribes to enter
Page 308 - composed of a great number of persons of both sexes, and of all ages and conditions. It was led up -by old men, and, as some say, by old women, carrying olive branches in their hands
Page 306 - Some are of opinion that it was the same as the Roman quinquatria. At first it continued only one day ; but it was afterwards prolonged several days, and celebrated with great magnificence. There were two solemnities of this name, one of which was called
Page 291 - At their entrance they washed their hands in holy water, and at the same time were admonished to present themselves with minds pure and undefiled, without which the external cleanness of the body
Page 401 - testimony of their gratitude. To this they sometimes added the garment in which they had escaped, and a tablet containing an account of their deliverance.* If nothing else remained, they at least cut off their hair, which they consecrated to their protectors
Page 64 - forth of strange gods," because he preached unto them Jesus and the resurrection.* The

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