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Page 31 - religious, awakened by that which is behind humanity and behind all other things. . . . No such thing as a 'Religion of Humanity * can ever do more than temporarily shut out the thought of a Power of which humanity is but a small and fugitive product—which was in course of ever-changing manifestation before humanity was, and will continue
Page 197 - has imprinted the moral law, and given them power to obey it, imposing on them the duty of worship and service, searching and scanning them through and through with His omniscient eye, and putting before them a present trial and a judgment to come. " Such is what theology teaches about God, a doctrine, as the very idea of its
Page 199 - commerce and adventure, wars when just, conquest when humane and necessary, have His co-operation and His blessing upon them. The course of events, the revolution of empires, the rise and fall of states, the periods and eras, the progresses and the retrogressions of the world's history, not indeed the incidental sin,
Page 31 - object-matter can be replaced by another object-matter, as supposed by those who think the ' Religion of Humanity ' will be the religion of the future, is a belief countenanced neither by induction nor by deduction. However dominant may become the moral sentiment enlisted on behalf of humanity, it can never exclude the sentiment, alone properly
Page 197 - to be irreconcilable with itself, the imagination being unable to embrace what the reason determines. It teaches of a Being infinite, yet personal ; all blessed, yet ever operative ; absolutely separate from the creature, yet in every part of the creation at every moment; above all things, yet under everything. It teaches of a
Page 196 - and ever blessed. Further, I mean a Being who, having these prerogatives, has the supreme good, or rather is the supreme good, or has all the attributes of good in infinite greatness ; all wisdom, all truth, all justice, all love, all holiness, all
Page 204 - who reject all divine worship because they will submit to no being whatever, and who even pass on to " hate God " with all their heart, with all their soul, with all their mind, and with all their strength; thus beginning,
Page 142 - Upon the ground of what is termed evolution, God is relieved of the labour of creation ; in the name of unchangeable laws, He is discharged from governing the world." Upon this he was taxed by Mr. Herbert Spencer
Page 34 - How can anyone teach concerning Brahma ? He is neither the Known nor the Unknown. That which cannot be expressed by words, but through which all expression comes, this I know to be Brahma. That which cannot be thought by the mind, but by which all thinking
Page 28 - A heretic, as long as he judges his sect to be more or equally deserving of belief, has no obligation to believe (in the Church) ; " and, " when men who have been brought up in heresy are persuaded from boyhood that we impugn and attack the word of God, that we are idolaters, pestilent deceivers, and

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