The Secretary of Macchiavelli; Or, The Siege of Florence: An Historical Romance, Volume 2

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Lea and Blanchard, 1841 - English fiction
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Page 75 - mass nearly shapeless, from which sparkled two small glittering orbs, resembling the eyes of a living creature. It was not until they had fairly approached, and bent down over it, that they discovered it to be a corpse, denuded of its clothing, and cast out, the prey of all foul birds and fouler insects. It
Page 195 - We have been long separated, Francesco," said the young girl; and every heart suspended its breathing whilst the words that were to follow would reveal the truth, which appeared miraculous beyond hope. " We have been long separated, and the memory of how much, in the hour of my temptation, I wronged thee, has been even
Page 162 - they amounted on the whole but to fifteen hundred foot and a handful of horse,—yet respected throughout by Maramaldo, who followed him with a force far more numerous. But the doom of Florence was against him from the first hour that he prepared to approach it. The wound he had received on the walls of
Page 79 - to her at the trying period of her opening womanhood ; so that if she could not, in the hours of her despondence, wholly lay bare her heart before them, she could at least indulge her sorrow, and feel sure of such sympathy as recluses are capable of experiencing for hearts bruised by passions they condemn.
Page 189 - In the frantic delirium of that maddened multitude, Francesco was no more thought of; his presence was no more heeded. He received in his own arms at the foot of the tree of ignominy the cold stiff form of his gentle friend, which Brandano had in defiance of a thunder of maledictions taken down unresistedly.
Page 165 - old man that awaits us, that watches for us, that breaks not the scanty crust fashioned out of the flesh of corpses till we come, must have his farewell." Thus saying, Ficino sprung away from the gallows' foot, and traversed rapidly the gloomy square and the dusk lanes—avenues to the dwellings of fortune's least
Page 8 - by such knowledge that he had risen from nothingness to power, from bankruptcy in trade to wealth that exceeded the fabled hoards of the miser's deity. Few who crowded the antique halls of this calculating host escaped his courtesies, those cheapest of all bribes, whose value he full well understood ; yet amongst them was
Page 64 - We are greatly thankful, my Lord Marquis," he said, with a tone of forced calm. " This is kindness of a nature we had not looked for. Your loan to our exchequer shall be repaid, and your kindness to a losing player not forgotten. Your confidence in our fortune gives us courage; and now for

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