Steel Bridge Designing

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Myron C. Clark publishing Company, 1913 - Bridges - 260 pages

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Page 242 - Heads shall be made by upsetting, rolling or forging. Welding will not be allowed. The form of the heads will be determined by the dies in use at the works where the eye-bars are made, if satisfactory to the engineer...
Page 236 - Chemical determinations of the percentages of carbon, phosphorus, sulphur and manganese shall be made by the manufacturer from a test ingot taken at the time of the pouring of each melt of steel, and a correct copy of such analysis shall be furnished to the engineer or his inspector.
Page 243 - Steel work, before leaving the shop, shall be thoroughly cleaned and given one good coating of pure linseed oil, or such paint as may be called for, well worked into all joints and open spaces.
Page 233 - Pins shall be long enough to secure a full bearing of all parts connected upon the turned body of the pin. They shall be secured by chambered nuts or be provided with washers if solid nuts are used. The screw ends shall be long enough to admit of burring the threads.
Page 238 - Full-sized material for eye-bars and other steel i in. thick and over, tested as rolled, shall bend cold 180 degrees around a pin the diameter of which is equal to twice the thickness of the bar, without fracture on the outside of bend.
Page 244 - The manufacturer shall furnish all facilities for inspecting and testing the weight and quality of workmanship at the shop where material is manufactured. He shall furnish a suitable testing machine for testing full-sized members, if required.
Page 241 - If necessary to take the pieces apart for shipping and handling, the respective pieces reamed together shall be so marked that they may be reassembled in the same position in the final setting up. No interchange of reamed parts will be permitted.] 122.
Page 232 - Pin-holes shall be reinforced by plates where necessary, and at least one plate shall be as wide as the flanges will allow and be on the same side as the angles. They shall contain sufficient rivets to distribute their portion of the pin pressure to the full cross-section of the member.
Page 230 - Flange Rivets. — The flanges of plate girders shall be connected to the web with a sufficient number of rivets to transfer the total shear at any point in a distance equal to the effective depth of the girder at that point combined with any load that is applied directly on the flange. The wheel loads, where the tics rest on the flanges, shall be assumed to be distributed over three ties.
Page 240 - ... is manufactured. He shall furnish a suitable testing machine for testing the specimens, as well as prepare the pieces for the machine, free of cost.

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