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Barndt, Joseph. Understanding and Dismantling Racism: The Twenty-First Century Challenge to White America. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2007
This book, written by Joseph Barndt and published by
Fortress Press, really identifies the ways in which racism still exists within our society, the reasons that racism has persisted, the impact it is having, and the ways in which we can make efforts to change this virus that continues to have a destructive impact. It suggests different areas in which we can recognize racism and how it is not just an issue that plagues one race or impacts one race. It has seven chapters in which it walks through how racism has continued to be an issue even as we attempt to progress toward equality, what racism really means and the forms it has taken on over time, the areas and institutions it still exists within, and the ways in which we can remove it from our society and culture. The author wants to make it evident that racism still exists and impacts our society today. It was helpful in my research on racism in giving me ideas of the understanding of the overviews of racism throughout history and examples of how it still impacts us today. Joseph Barndt is a pastor and has been an antiracism trainer for three decades, and seems to be quite credible and knowledgeable on the issue. The book is an easy read and quite interesting.  

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