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Old State House, 1919 - Boston (Mass.)
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Page 22 - So much of this once elevated spot has been carried into the sea that the tops of the chimnies are not now so high, as the sod were over which, in your youthful days, you strolled to enjoy the richness of the surrounding scenery. Should you again visit this place, you would look in vain for that commanding eminence, Beacon Hill, once the pride of Bostonians."3 And fifty years later "Gleaner...
Page 75 - Marshes on the back-side being not half a quarter of a mile over, so that a little fencing will secure their cattle from the Woolves. Their greatest wants be Wood and Meadow Ground, which never were in that place: being constrayned to fetch their buildingtimber, and fire wood from the Islands in Boates, and their Hay in Loyters.
Page 7 - Krebs was accepted, and it was voted that the thanks of the Society be presented to him for his elegant and generous gift.
Page 75 - Medow-ground, which never were in that place ; being conftrayned to fetch their building-timber, and fire-wood from the Hands in Boates, and their Hay in Loyters: It being a necke and bare of wood: they are not troubled with three great annoyances, of Woolves, Rattle-fnakes, and Musketoes.
Page 81 - Point, he came and acquainted the Governor of an excellent Spring there; withal inviting him and soliciting him thither. Whereupon, after the death of Mr. Johnson and divers others, the Governor, with Mr. "Wilson, and the greatest part of the church removed thither : whither also the frame of the Governor's house, in preparation at this town, was also (to the discontent of some) carried; where people began to build their houses against winter; and this place was called BOSTON.
Page 75 - This Towne although it be neither the greatest, nor the richest, yet it is the most noted and frequented, being the Center of the Plantations where the monthly Courts are kept. Here likewise dwells the Governour: This place hath very good land, affording rich Corne-fields, and fruitfull Gardens; having likewise sweete and pleasant Springs.
Page 50 - The flues of the stoves are inclosed by pilasters, supporting an entablature and cornice over the chancel, on the frieze of which is inscribed "This is none other than the house of God, and this is the Gate of Heaven.
Page 75 - Charles-river, the Marshes on the backe-side, being not halfe a quarter of a mile over; so that a little fencing will secure their Cattle from the Woolues.
Page 89 - Cable length of Castle Island, on which is a ffort above and a strong Battery below, closs by Highwater marke. on this Island I conceive there be thirtie good Gunns. Boston.— Two miles aboue this Island is the Towne of Boston, the Metrapolis of New England lying pleasantly on a plaine and the ascending of a High Mount which lyes about the midle of ye plaine...
Page 79 - Blackstons point on part whereof his then dwelling house stood ; after which purchase the Town laid out a place for a trayning field ; which ever since and now is used for that purpose, and for the feeding of cattell : Robert Walker, and William Lytherland farther Testify that Mr.

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