The history of the Holy, military, sovereign order of st. John of Jerusalem

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Page 187 - Ptolema´s ; nevertheless, whether he dreaded the despair of the inhabitants, or thought that the favourable moment was not yet arrived, he yielded to their solicitations, and renewed a truce with them for two years, two months, two weeks, two days, and two hours. According to a chronicle, the pope's legate disapproved of the treaty, and caused some Mussulman traders, who came to Ptolemais, to be insulted : the Templars and the other military orders •were desirous of making reparation to the sultan...
Page 115 - ... and Balian, Lord of Sidon, were sent as ambassadors to Nablus, and the learned Fakhr ad-Din came to Frederick's camp outside Jaffa. One of Frederick's letters to al-Kamil has survived in an Arab translation: kings and the pope know of my coming here. If I return emptyhanded, I shall lose all respect in their eyes. After all, was it not Jerusalem that gave birth to the Christian religion. You have destroyed it. and it is now reduced to the utmost misery. With good grace give it back to me even...
Page 168 - Today he is in Egypt, tomorrow in Arabia, the day after in Syria, and in four days in Aleppo." Baibars provided Islam with something it had not possessed since the time of Saladin: a core of iron, a relentless determination. But they were men of totally different characters: Saladin was a rapier compared with 367 Baibars's exuberant battle-ax.
Page 135 - Mary; that he lived without ever committing sin; that he was a prophet, and more than a prophet; that he cured lepers, gave Sight to the blind, restored life to the dead, and ascended into Heaven.

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