Catalogi codicum manuscriptorum bibliothecae Bodleianae: Recensionem codicum graecorum continens. Confecit H. O. Coxe, 1853

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E typographeo Academico, 1853 - Manuscripts

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Page 895 - Forty -Five," — incidentally in Southey's Life of Wesley. It was not Wesley but his Calvinistic friend Whitfield (as we now call him) who made an impression on Scotland. Theocritus. Theocriti, Moschi, Bionis, Simmiae, quae extant, cum Graecis in Theocritum scholiis et indice copioso — omnia studio et opera Danielis Heinsii. Accedunt Josephi Scaligeri, Isaaci Casauboni et ejusdem Danielis Heinsii notae et lectiones. 4to, calf. Ex Bibliopolio Commeliniano 1604. Dr. Cunningham adds : " The Theocritus...
Page 884 - Le Vite de dodici Cesari di Gaio Suetonio Tranquillo. Tradotte in lingua toscana per M. Paolo del Rosso Cittadino Fiorentino. In Roma nel MD XLIIII.
Page 379 - Manifested,1" — a work which produced a considerable effect among the national Clergy, in the early part of the seventeenth century, — says, " I have sent you here my reasons which have moved me to change my opinion in some controversies, of late debated between the Remonstrants and their opponents.
Page 885 - Catalogue of all kinds of Learning; but he died before he could go half through with it.' ' MS. Wood; donat. 3* has this note by Wood: — 'Fragmenta Langbainiana vol. ii : severall Collections of Dr. Gerard Langbaine, somtimes provost of Queen's College Oxon, (imperfect) which I found among the offel papers of Dr. Thomas Barlow of the same College anno 1673.
Page 207 - Codex membranaceus, in 410 majori, ff. 363, secc. si tabulam sec. xi. excipiamus, xiv. et xv. ; initio et fine mutilus. Rawl. Auct. G. 158. S. Basilii, archiep. Caesareensis, ad Amphilochium epistolae tres canonicae, fol.
Page 409 - Libanii epístola} septem mutuae, f. 126. Ibid. epp. 341, 342, 337-340, 356. Epist. tres. Misc. clxxix. 423 (ie pt. i, p. 724). Codex chartaceus, in folio marjori, ff. 262, sec. xvii. ; olim peculium coll. soc. Jesu Clarom. Paris, postea Joh. Meerman.
Page 890 - ... ANNESLEY, AT CASTLEWELLAN, Co. DOWN, IN MAY, 1900. BOOKS CONNECTED WITH THE IRISH REVENUE: Volume lettered " Ireland, 1560." — Particulars of the Revenue of Ireland for the year ended Michaelmas, 28 Elizabeth ; with abstract of charges on the Revenue. Ireland. Establishment, 1652.— Commences : " Propositions to be considered of by His Majesty concerning the government of Ireland, ct Hampton Court, 22 June, 1662.
Page 223 - CLVIII. 202 (ie pt. i, p. 268). Codex chartaceus, in 410 majori, ff. 374, sec. xv. S. Basilii ad Amphilochium, Iconii episcopum, et alias epístolas quinqué canónica, fol.
Page 377 - Marta, anno Christi 1573, qui fuit filius doctissimi viri D. Jani Cornarii, ambo medici, qui obiit Genae, die 15 Martii, anno Christi I558Joannes Tritemius, abbas Spanheymensis monasterii, hoc Graecum evangelium Joannis evangelistae et haec Hebraica addita sua propria manu scripsit.
Page 886 - Euteticus magistri Johannis de Saresberie de dogmate philosophorum editus ad Thomam Cancellarium, postea Cantuariensem archiepiscopum.

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