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A wonderful read! How interesting it is to see the struggles families face every day are very much like the ones our ancestors went through. I particularly felt a connection with Nannie and how torn she was wanting to stand by her child even though the child made mistakes in life while she knew her husband did not approve. It was fascinating to think centuries have gone by and in this modern day and age I am finding my family facing some of the same challenges the Hanks family had to deal with. I am truly grateful for having the honor of meeting the author of this book and have had the pleasure of reading this book and seeing the similarities I am currently facing in my own life and realizing things may not be as bad as they once seemed and God might have a plan for me that I am not aware of yet. Thank you Helen for writing such a lovely book and sharing it with me. God bless you for all the lives you have touched including this one! 

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