The Chemical Trade Journal, Volume 4

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Davis, 1889 - Chemical engineering
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Page 69 - Invention, and in what Manner the same is to be performed, to be particularly described and ascertained in and by the following Statement...
Page 7 - Realm, to the true and first Inventor and Inventors of such Manufactures, which others at the Time of Making such Letters Patents and Grants shall not use, so as also they be not contrary to the Law, nor mischievous to the State, by raising Prices of Commodities at home, or Hurt of Trade, or generally inconvenient...
Page 117 - ... the nature and amounts of all terminal charges proposed to be authorised in respect of each class of traffic, and the circumstances under which such terminal charges are proposed to be made. In the determination of the terminal charges of any Railway Company, regard shall be had only to the expenditure reasonably necessary to provide the accommodation in respect of which such charges are made, irrespective of the outlay which may have been actually incurred by the Railway Company in providing...
Page 69 - ... particularly described and ascertained the nature of the said invention, and in what manner the same is to be performed...
Page 172 - Acts. 31. (1.) Whenever any person receiving or sending or desiring to send goods by any railway is of opinion that the railway company is charging him an unfair or an unreasonable rate of charge, or is in any other respect treating him in an oppressive or unreasonable manner, such person may complain to the Board of Trade.
Page 9 - they cannot afford to advertise ;" they mistake— they cannot afford not to advertise. In this country, where everybody reads the newspapers, the man must have a thick skull who does not see that these are the cheapest and best medium through which he can speak to the public, where he is to find his customers. Put on the appearance of business, and generally the reality will follow. The farmer plants his seed, and while he is sleeping his corn and potatoes are growing. So with advertising. While...
Page 172 - Where any question or dispute arises, involving the legality of any toll, rate, or charge, or portion of a toll, rate, or charge, charged or sought to be charged for merchandise traffic by a company to which this part of this Act applies, the Commissioners shall have jurisdiction to hear and determine the same, and to enforce payment of such toll, rate, or charge, or so much thereof as the Commissioners decide to be legal.
Page 9 - I have had in my life may fairly be attributed more to the public press than to nearly all other causes combined. There may possibly be occupations that do not require advertising, but I cannot well conceive what they are. Men in business will sometimes tell you that they have tried advertising, and that it did not pay. This is only when advertising is done sparingly and grudgingly.
Page 220 - AN ACT for the better regulation of Railway and Canal Traffic, and for other purposes.
Page 310 - ... party. It seems to me that, if it had been the intention of the Legislature to allow costs in these proceedings, some provision would have been made in the law for it.

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