Catalogue of Seals in the Department of Manuscripts in the British Museum, Volume 1

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order of the trustees, 1887 - Seals (Numismatics)
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Page 14 - Baldwin de Bethune, and others. Dated at Chinon, by the hand of W[ill. de Longehamp], Bishop of Ely, Chancellor, 12 Dec. 6th year [1194]. With re-confirmation as follows, "Iserat tenor carte nostre in primo sigillo nostro, quod, quia aliquando perditum fuit et, dum capti essemus in Alemannia, in aliena potestate constitutum, mutatum est...
Page 142 - City, [Glouc.] vert, on a pale gu. betw. two horse-shoes, each horse-shoe betw. three nails, two in chief, and one in base, all meeting with their points to the shoe, ar.
Page 503 - If xl^in. [xlvii. 473]. Pointed oval : the Virgin, seated in a canopied niche with tabernacle work at the sides, with crown, the Child, with nimbus, on the R. knee. In base, under a round-headed arch, the Abbat, with pastoral staff, kneeling in prayer ; betw. two shields of arms : L. three lions passant guardant in pale, a label of three points, England, or Juyner ; R. seven lozenges, three, three, and one, Cleeve Abbey10
Page 624 - ... of John Stratton until the said age, and if John Stratton dies, John Hawkins and the said 40 to be in the custody of one of my executors, the said executor to find sufficient surety for the 40 with the other executors. To William, brother of John Hawkins, 5 marks. To the Prior and Convent of the House of the Salutation of the Mother of God of the order of Carthusians by London to pray for my soul zos. To John Goodewin, my servant, 10 sterling. To Thomas Goodewin of Watlington 10 marks....
Page 70 - III. et Maria II. Dei Gra. Ang. Fra. et Hib. Rex et Regina. Fidie Defensores, etc.
Page 790 - ... seated on a carved throne, his feet resting on a supine human figure, with its head to the left, with engrailed nimbus mitre and pall, vestments partly embroidered, and interlaced ring work, in right hand a crazier* in left hand two keys. Legend : " Dimid . . . Ecclesie Sancti Petri Westmonasteri.
Page 720 - ... piercing its head with a long cross held obliquely. *S' DOMVS SCI MICAELIS D
Page 583 - AD 1181-1222) ; of uncertain shape. The remaining part shows, within a square niche with semicircular arch overhead, St. Peter seated on a throne ; in the right hand two keys, in the left hand a book. In the field the inscription : SIGILLV' . SC*I . PETRI . APL'l . Archaic style.
Page 162 - ... if he had many faults he also had some charity. His Arms. His seal as archbishop is No. 1217 in the British Museum Catalogue,. and is thus described : — Pointed oval 3^ x 2j. The Abp. full length in richly ornamented vestments, with pall and mitre, lifting up right hand in benediction, in the left a crozier, standing on a corbel enriched with carved borders and foliage. Over his head a fine trefoiled gothic canopy with architectural finials. In the field on either side a shield of arms : England....
Page 590 - R. Pointed oval counterseal. Apparently a double niche with winged figure in the rh niche, probably the Annunciation. In base, under an arch, a bearded man crouching, to the left. II.95 3346 [late 14 cent.] Sulph. cast from chipped impression 2f x Ifin.

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