Elementary Biology: An Introduction to the Science of Life

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Page 536 - ALL BOOKS MAY BE RECALLED AFTER 7 DAYS 2- hour books must be renewed in person Return to desk from which borrowed DUE AS STAMPED BELOW UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY FORM NO.
Page 400 - Flies swarmed over infected fecal matter in the pits and then visited and fed upon the food prepared for the soldiers at the mess tents. In some instances where lime had recently been sprinkled over the contents of the pits, flies with their feet whitened with lime were seen walking over the food.
Page 258 - ... that when taken habitually it should be only at meals, and, as a rule, only with the last meal of the day, or soon after it, and that alcoholic drinks of all kinds are worse than useless to prevent fatigue or the effects of cold, although they may at times be useful as restoratives after the work is done.
Page 305 - TYRE. cross-pollination c noun, hot the transfer of pollen from the ANTHER of one flower to the STIGMA of another flower of the same species, by wind dispersal, formation of pollen tubes, etc.
Page 532 - A FIRST COURSE IN CHEMISTRY By WILLIAM MCPHERSON and WILLIAM E. HENDERSON, Ohio State University 416 pages, illustrated PERHAPS the most unique feature of this book is its constant emphasis upon underlying principles and upon the applications of chemistry to everyday life. The material included embodies the very latest discoveries in laboratory research and the most up-to-date pedagogical methods. The book has been prepared especially to supply a brief course for beginning students in chemistry....
Page 406 - Mosquito life histories. Mosquitoes of the genus Anopheles, which transmit malarial parasites, differ from the common Culex in every stage. When at rest the adult Culex holds its body parallel to the surface, whereas Anopheles holds it nearly perpendicular.
Page 531 - Elements of General Science " has been the leading book in its field since its first publication. It differs from other textbooks in treating the subject as an organized whole, wherein no single science stands out as a separate entity.
Page 258 - ... and the general effects of alcohol as a stimulant and as a narcotic. It might be taught that while in moderate quantities beer and wine may be, in a certain sense, a food, they are a very imperfect and expensive kind of food, and are seldom used for food purposes ; that they are not needed by young and healthy persons, and are dangerous to them in so far as...
Page 258 - It should also be taught that alcoholic drinks are almost always a useless expense, that their use in excess is the cause of much disease, suffering, and poverty, and of many crimes ; but that such use is sometimes the result, rather than the cause, of disease.
Page 471 - All that has been acquired, begun, or changed in the structure of individuals in their lifetime, is preserved in reproduction and transmitted to the new individuals which spring from those which have inherited the change.

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