Outlines of the Philosophy of Religion: Dictated Portions of the Lectures of Hermann Lotze, Volume 2

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Ginn & Company, 1886 - Religion - 162 pages
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Page 166 - This contains the scientific treatment of those assumptions which enter into all our cognition of Reality. It consists of three parts, — Ontology, Cosmology, Phenomenology. The first part contains chapters on the Conception of Being, the Content of the Existent, Reality, Change, and Causation ; the second treats of Space, Time, Motion, Matter, and the Coherency of Natural Events ; the third, of the Subjectivity and Objectivity of Cognition. The Metaphysic of Lotze gives the key to his entire philosophical...
Page 170 - Characters of Shakespeare. 2 vols. Cloth, retail 4.00 New School Shakespeare. Cloth. Each play .45 Old School Shakespeare, per play ... .20 Expurgated Family Shakespeare .... 10.00 Essays on Education, English Studies, etc. .25 Three Vol.
Page 168 - This discusses both pure and applied Logic. The Logic is followed by a brief treatise on the Encyclopaedia of Philosophy, in which are set forth the definition and method of Theoretical Philosophy, of Practical Philosophy, and of the Philosophy of Religion. This volume is about one-fifth larger than the others, and makes an admirable brief text-book in Logic.
Page 74 - This is, philosophically considered, erroneous, and religiously devoid of all significance : we abide therefore by the assumption, that the 'will to create ' is an absolutely eternal predicate of God, and ought not to be used to designate a deed of his so much as the absolute dependence of the world upon his will in contradistinction to its involuntary ' emanation
Page 167 - Philosophy, rpHIS contains a discussion of Ethical Principles, Moral Ideals, and the Freedom of the Will, and then an application of the theory to the Individual, to Marriage, to Society, and to the State. Many interesting remarks on Divorce, Socialism, Representative Government, etc., abound throughout the volume. Its style is more popular than that of the other works of Lotze, and it will doubtless be widely read. Outlines of Psychology.
Page 167 - to ascertain how much of the Content of Religion may be discovered, proved, or at least confirmed, agreeably to reason." He discusses the Proof for the Existence of God, the Attributes and Personality of the Absolute, the Conceptions of the Creation, the Preservation, and the Government, of the World, and of the World-time. The book closes with brief discussions of Religion and Morality, and Dogmas and Confessions. Outlines of Practical Philosophy.
Page 166 - Outlines give, therefore, a mature and trustworthy statement, in language selected by this teacher of philosophy himself, of what may be considered as his final opinions upon a wide range of subjects. They have met with no little favor in Germany.
Page 163 - Allowance, 40 cents. rPHE publishers believe that this book will be found to be remarkably comprehensive, and at the same time compact and clear. It gives a complete outline of the science, concisely presented, and in precise and plain terms. It has proved of special value to teachers, as is evidenced by its recent adoption for several Reading Circles. John Bascom, Pres.
Page 168 - Outlines of ^Esthetics treats of the theory of the Beautiful and of Phantasy, and of the Realization and Different Species of the Beautiful. Then follow brief chapters on Music, Architecture, Plastic Art, Painting, and Poetry. This, like the other volumes, has a full index. Outlines of Logic.
Page 164 - I am very much pleased with the chapters relating to duties, and not less so with the more theoretical portion of the work. The style is so perspicuous, and at the same time so concise, that the work is eminently adapted to serve as a text-book in colleges and higher schools. In matter and manner, it is a capital book, and I wish it God speed. CB Hulbert, Prcs. Middlebury Coll., Vt., and Prof, of Moral Science : In its present form it is the best of recently issued text-books on Moral Science. 162...

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