Archer's Register: A Year Book of Facts

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Page 10 - PRACTICAL FORESTRY. And its Bearing on the Improvement of Estates. By CHARLES E. CURTIS, FSI, Professor of Forestry, Field Engineering, and General Estate Management, at the College of Agriculture, Downton. Second Edition, Revised. Crown 8vo, cloth 3/6 PREFATORY REMARKS.— OBJECTS OF PLANTING.
Page 17 - Auncient order, societie and unitie laudable of Prince Arthure and his knightly armory of the round table, with a threefold assertion frendly in favour and furtherance of English archery at this day, 1583, 4to.
Page 32 - The noble earl was slain. He had a bow bent in his hand, Made of a trusty tree ; An arrow of a cloth-yard long Up to the head drew he...
Page 39 - What of the men? The men were bred in England : The bowmen — the yeomen — The lads of dale and fell. Here's to you — and to you ! To the hearts that are true And the land where the true hearts dwell.
Page 39 - The wood of English bows ; So men who are free Love the old yew-tree And the land where the yew-tree grows. What of the cord ? The cord was made in England : A rough cord, a tough cord, A cord that bowmen love ; And so we will sing Of the hempen string And the land where the cord was wove.
Page 39 - The wood of English bows; So men who are free Love the old yew-tree And the land where the yew-tree grows. What of the cord? The cord was made in England: A rough cord, a tough cord, A cord that bowmen love; So we'll drain our jacks To the English flax And the land where the hemp was wove.
Page 15 - ... complete, and, it is thought, justly entitled to take its place as the standard work on Tennis. It has cost its author much laborious research ; and, independently of its great value to tennis players and all lovers of the game, it is trusted, from the vast amount of curious lore it contains, the volume will be found not unworthy of a place on the shelves of the scholar.
Page 18 - Concerning the formes and effects, of divers sorts of weapons, and other verie important matters Militarie...
Page 4 - THE BOWMAN'S GLORY ; or archery revived. Giving an account of the many signal favours vouchsafed to archers and archery by those renowned monarchs, King Henry VIII., James, and Charles I. As by their several gracious commissions here recited may appear. With a brief relation of the manner of the archers marching on several days of solemnity. Published by William Wood, marshal to the Regiment of Archers.
Page 5 - This work enters into the whole subject of the laws which govern the resistance of bodies moving in water, and the influence a wave form of body and wave lines have upon such resistance. It also deals comprehensively with the subject of Steam Propulsion as applied to yachts. An easy System for Designing is provided, and every necessary calculation is explained in detail. The latter part of the work is devoted to Yacht Building, and engravings are given of every detail of construction and fitting,...

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