The Boston Almanac and Business Directory, Volume 54

Front Cover
Sampson, Davenport, 1889 - Almanacs, American
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Page 15 - In the year 1888 there will be five eclipses, three of the Sun and two of the Moon. I. — A Total Eclipse of the Moon, January 29, visible at Washington and generally throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.
Page 54 - Over $5 and not exceeding $10 8 cents. Over $10 and not exceeding $15 10 cents. Over $15 and not exceeding $30 15 cents. Over $30 and not exceeding $40 20 cents. Over $40 and not exceeding $50 25 cents. Over $50 and not exceeding $60 30 cents. Over $60 and not exceeding $70 35 cents. Over $70 and not exceeding $80 40 cents. Over $80 and not exceeding $100 45 cents.
Page 55 - Any word or communication, whether by printing, writing, marks or signs, upon the cover or wrapper of a newspaper, pamphlet, magazine, or other printed matter, other than the name and address of the person to whom it is to be sent, and the date when subscription expires, subjects the package to letter postage.
Page 45 - The Supreme Court is held in the city of Washington, and has one session annually, commencing on the 1st Monday of December.
Page 54 - Islands, Leeward Islands. A list of Money Order Offices may be seen at PO, on application. Note. The issue to a single applicant in one day, of more than three Orders, payable at the same office, and to the same payee, is positively forbidden.
Page 603 - A Weekly Newspaper, published every Saturday, in BOSTON and CHICAGO, devoted to the interests of Woman, to her educational, industrial, legal, and political Equality, and especially to her right of Suffrage.
Page 90 - The Quarantine Grounds comprise those portions of Boston Harbor lying between Deer Island and Gallop's Island ; and hospitals are located on both islands.
Page 639 - Devoted to Agriculture, Horticulture, Sheep Husbandry, Stock Raising, Domestic Economy, Choice Literature, General News, Wool Markets, Produce Markets, Cattle Markets, etc.
Page 72 - THE COURT.— March, the 3d Tuesday ; June, the 4th Tuesday; September, the 2d Tuesday; December, the 1st Tuesday.
Page 37 - Tidal difference, time of tide" the time that is to be added to or subtracted from the time of high or low water at some reference station. These differences are applicable to the times of both high water and low water except where otherwise indicated. A plus (-)-) sign indicates that the tide at the subordinate station is later than at the reference station and the difference should be added, a...

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