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Longmans, Green, 1901 - Telegraph - 442 pages
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Page 443 - RAILWAY APPLIANCES. A Description of Details of Railway Construction subsequent to the completion of Earthworks and Structures, including a short Notice of Railway Rolling Stock.
Page 444 - PRELIMINARY SURVEY AND ESTIMATES. By THEODORE GRAHAM GRIBBLE, Civil Engineer. Including Elementary Astronomy, Route Surveying, Tacheometry, Curve-ranging, Graphic Mensuration, Estimates, Hydrography and Instruments. With 133 Illustrations.
Page 443 - Price 3s. 6d. On the STRENGTH of MATERIALS and STRUCTURES : the Strength of Materials as depending on their quality and as ascertained by Testing Apparatus : the Strength of Structures, as depending on their form and arrangement, and on the materials of which they are composed. By Sir J. ANDERSON, CE &c.
Page 285 - The twist-test will be made as follows: The wire will be gripped by two vises, one of which will be made to revolve at a speed not exceeding one revolution per second. The twists thus given to the wire will be reckoned by means of an ink mark which forms a spiral on the wire during torsion, the full number of twists to be visible between the vises.
Page 131 - ... necessarily adheres to them. Rain, fog, dew, and mist affect it. Lines exposed to the spray of the sea or the smoke of manufactories are peculiarly liable to this variation. Other causes also introduce irregularities which interfere with the constancy of a line. The wires are continually subject to accidents of various kinds, many of which tend to produce variable resistance. Now what effect has this variation of the resistance of the line-wire upon duplex working, and how is it provided for?...
Page 443 - PHYSICAL OPTICS. By RT GLAZEBROOK, MA FRS Fellow and Lecturer of Trin. Coll. Demonstrator of Physics at the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge. With 183 Woodcuts of Apparatus, &c.
Page 443 - The ART of ELECTRO-METALLURGY, including all known Processes of Electro-Deposition. By G. GORE, LL.DFRS With 56 Woodcuts.
Page 444 - Tools, Lathes, Drilling, Planing, and other Machine Tools used by Engineers. By CPB SHELLEY, MICE With 292 Woodcuts.
Page 149 - ... and regularity of a suitably arranged machine, not only can we attain, but far exceed, the highest speed of the ordinary Morse or sounder. Hence early efforts were made to replace the hand-worked key by some mechanical contrivance which would not only remove the defects inherent to manual labour, but would secure precision in the formation of the characters, accuracy in the despatch of messages, and speed in transmission. Bain in the year 1846 was the first to propose this. He punched broad dots...

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