Magnetic Induction in Iron and Other Metals

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Electrician Printing and Publishing Company, 1893 - Iron - 355 pages
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Page 183 - ... facts would have a very important bearing. As a mild steel, the non-magnetisable material is very fine, having so high a breaking stress for so great an elongation at rupture. Suppose it were used for any purpose for which a mild steel is suitable on account of this considerable elongation at rupture, if exposed to a sharp frost its properties would be completely changed — it would become essentially a hard steel, and it would remain a hard steel until it had actually been heated to a temperature...
Page 2 - Any two bodies whatsoever attract each other with a force which is proportional to the product of their masses and in inverse ratio to the square of the distance between them".
Page 122 - On account of the complication entailed by the free swings of the needle, good observations on the drift could not be obtained with this apparatus ; but it was evident that, whilst most of the anomalous action was over in 3 or 4 seconds, the final magnetic state was not attained until...
Page 14 - VHP radio wave auroral hack scatter is only possible when the direction of radio wave propagation and the direction of the lines of force of the earth's magnetic field are perpendicular at the reflection point.
Page 161 - Magnetic and other Physical Properties of Iron at a High Temperature,
Page 211 - ... its permeability is not the same as when the wire is completely unloaded and reloaded up to the same load. Experimental results of this kind led me in 1884 to write : — " If we apply and remove stress in a wire whose magnetic state is entirely neutral, we cause some kind of molecular displacement in the relation of which to the applied stress there is hysteresis."* The theory now offered shows how this happens.

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