Miscellanies Upon Various Subjects

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J. R. Smith, 1857 - Superstition - 227 pages

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Page 63 - I have seen a dreadful vision since I saw you: I have seen my dear wife pass twice by me through this room, with her hair hanging about her shoulders, and a dead child in her arms: this I have seen since I saw you.
Page 64 - And, upon examination, the abortion proved to be the same day, and about the very hour, that Mr Donne affirmed he saw her pass by him in his chamber.
Page 79 - •'The Beautiful Lady Diana Rich, Daughter to the Earl of Holland, as she was walking in her Father's Garden at Kensington...
Page 154 - O Everlasting GOD, Who hast ordained and constituted the services of Angels and men in a wonderful order; mercifully grant, that as Thy Holy Angels alway do Thee service in Heaven, so by Thy appointment they may succour and defend us on earth ; through JESUS CHRIST our LORD. Amen.
Page 63 - Mr. Donne's opinion the next day ; for he then affirmed this vision with a more deliberate and so confirmed a confidence that he inclined Sir Robert to a faint belief that the vision was true. It is...
Page 71 - Anno 1670. Not far from Cirencester was an apparition. Being demanded whether a good spirit or a bad, returned no answer, but disappeared with a curious perfume, and most melodious twang.
Page 84 - Council, which was done without showing me any cause {1} at all wherefore I was committed. Upon which said warrant I was kept there ten whole years close prisoner, where I spent five years thereof about the translating of the said book; insomuch as I found the words very true which the old man, in the aforesaid vision, did say unto me: 'I will shortly provide for you both place and time to translate it.
Page 122 - You must lie in another county, and knit the left garter about the right-legged stocking (let the other garter and stocking alone), and as you rehearse these following verses, at every comma knit a knot — ««This knot I knit, To know the thing I know not yet, That I may see The man that shall my husband be: How he goes, and what he wears, And what he does all days and years.
Page 202 - There were no rates for the poor in -my grandfather's days; but for Kingston St. Michael (no small parish) the church-ale of Whitsuntide did the business. In every parish is (or was) a church-house to which belonged spits, crocks, &c. utensils for dressing provision. Here the housekeepers met, and were merry, and gave their charity.
Page 80 - tis said, that her Sister, the Lady Isabella. (Thiiine,) saw the like of herself also before she died. This Account I had from a Person of Honour.

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