The Catholic Encyclopedia: Supplementary Volume, Containing Revisions of the Articles on Canon Law ...

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Charles George Herbermann, Edward Aloysius Pace, Condé Bénoist Pallen, Thomas Joseph Shahan, John J. Wynne, Andrew Alphonsus MacErlean
Encyclopedia Press, Incorporated, 1918 - 82 pages

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Page 2 - ... marriage to any degree in the direct line, but in the collateral line it annuls marriages only to the second degree inclusively, whereas formerly it invalidated them in the third or fourth degrees also; affinity in the second degree of the collateral line is a minor impediment. The impediment of affinity is multiplied as often as the impediment of consanguinity from which it proceeds is multiplied, and also by successive marriage with a deceased spouse's blood relatives. It may be noted that...
Page 33 - V-103) .—Domicile is acquired by residence in a parish or quasi-parish, or at least in a diocese, vicariate or prefecture apostolic; this residence, however, should either be conjoined with an intention of remaining there permanently if no reason for departing arises, and should be continued for a period of ten years. Before the publication of the Code domicile was only parochial, and was never acquired by residence alone. Quasi-domicile is acquired in the same way as domicile, if the residence...
Page 31 - See, without probable danger of grave evil; he is empowered likewise to use these faculties to validate a marriage already contracted, if there is the same danger in delay and time does not allow an application to the Holy See.
Page 20 - Vannutelli, de Lai, Martinelli, Pompili, Bisleti, Van Rossum, Giustini and Lega. A copy of the Code as completed and corrected was sent before its promulgation to all the bishops and to those superiors of religious orders who are legitimately invited to oecumenical councils, in order that they might freely express their views in regard to the canons. After the death of Pius X the completed work was ratified, approved, and sanctioned by His .Holiness Pope Benedict XV, as announced by his Bull "Providentissima...
Page 9 - This endowment consists of property belonging to the juridical entity itself, or of definite...
Page 30 - The impediment of disparity of worship now exists only between an unbaptized person and a person baptized in the Catholic Church or converted to the Catholic Church from heresy or schism. Formerly it arose also if the baptized person had received baptism in a heretical or schismatical Church and had never embraced Catholicism.
Page 20 - March, 1904, to codify the ecclesiastical laws, abolishing obsolete decrees, adapting others to the needs of the age, and enacting new ones where expedient. The archbishops of the entire world were directed to confer with their suffragans and the other ordinaries who are obliged to assist at provincial synods and to inform the Holy See what modifications and corrections of the laws they deemed especially necessary. The work was carried out under the direction of Cardinal Gasparri, and a commission...
Page 68 - To this office belong the care and the administration of the property and temporal rights of the Holy See, especially during the periods of vacancy.

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