Confessions of a Love Dick- How Private Eyes Catch Those Who Cheat & Lie

Front Cover, 2006 - Family & Relationships - 104 pages
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"Confessions of A Love Dick- How Private Eyes Catch Those Who Cheat & Lie" was written by a female private investigator (or "dick-tective of love") who spent over five years focusing on whether or not her male or female client's mate was guilty of infidelity or adultery. Secondly, she assisted many clients by performing comprehensive background checks to determine whether the subject's background indicated there may be a propensity for concern in the relationship, a likelihood of future wrong-doing, or having a personal history of abuse, violence, or crime against women, men, or children. She reveals what "life behind the lense" was like for her as a "Lady P.I." in a career field predominantly dominated by male private "dick-tectives." Readers will learn the tricks of trade and the warning signs to look for if they believe they are being lied to or cheated on by their mate. This unique book offers tips on conducting "romantic espionage" when one is ready to know what is truly going on when he or she is not around. At the end of her book or E- Book you, the reader, will find a list of the many warning signs to look for when you suspect an affair is in progress. Also provided is the contact information for her company that may assist in information gathering, help you coordinate an investigation with private investigators licensed in your area, and/or sell you the products, software, and equipment designed to provide evidence of whom your mate is talking to, whom your mate is seeing, and where your mate may be going- when you are not around (or asleep).

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So far this is the most comprehensive guide written by a woman describing what I am going through. My husband is a wonderful man and it has been extremely hard to believe that he is living a second life away from our (well, what I thought was a) happy home. It took me about three hours to read Beth's guide to detecting the truth. Then it took me about three days and nights using her tips and techniques to get the evidence that it was not just my imagination...Money well spent on her book. Now the rest of the money must go to marital therapy or to pay for a divorce if he will not agree to therapy and to stop seeing his girlfriend. 

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