Stories by Grimm, Anderson, & Hauff, & poems by various authors, all taken from the editor's German prose & poetry for early reading (Google eBook)

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Thomas Bertrand Bronson
H:Holt & co., 1895 - 424 pages
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Page 54 - Qenne,/. -n, hen. b,er, adv., sep. pref., hither; used to denote motion toward the speaker or the place in mind; ago : — mit, this way •with, out with. [off. lierai), adv., sep. pref., down, Ijernii'Iilirfeii, look down. Jjernb'fallen, fiei, nefaflen (fein), fall off or down,
Page 253 - Hauff returned home only a short time before his death. For two brief years he had written with a wonderfully prolific pen. It was predicted that he would become a second Walter Scott, but his life was to be one of brilliant promise only, for at the age of twenty-five he was suddenly taken away by a fever. Among Hauff's best known works are
Page 17 - ... thereto, thereby, thereon; at, by, for, on, in, of, to or near by it or them; by that. barauf, thereupon; afterwards, after, then; to, on, of or upon it, or them, or that.
Page 263 - A dash ( — ) for the nominative plural indicates that the form is the same as the nominative singular. In proper nouns (feminines included) the formation of the genitive when not used with the article is indicated. The accent or pronunciation of a word is indicated in cases where there might he doubt. Verbs requiring fein for the auxiliary verb are so marked. Verbs separably compounded are shown to be so by an accent on the prefix, and, if irregular in the principal parts, by the omission of the...
Page 16 - Ьо, соя;'., since, as, when : adv. there, here; then, therefore, in that case, so ; for that. bubci', therewith; with it or them ; at, near, by or over it; with the others; besides, also ; added ; at the same time ; there, by, present.
Page 24 - ... once upon a time; some day : einmal', one time, once, just, only, even: auf — , suddenly, all at once; nid)t — , not even; nodj — , twice, again.
Page 88 - Wcbelbufr, m. -(e)«, -büfte, mist, vapor. íRebelftretf, m. -(e)?, -e, streak of mist. neben, prep. w. dat. or ace., by the side of, near, next to, adjoining ; with : adv., near. nebenan, near by, next, adjoining. nebenbei, besides. nebenher, along by the side (of), near.

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