County Reports and Maps: Fayette County

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Wheeling News Litho. Company, 1919 - 1002 pages
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Page 762 - Chemical analysis: Moisture Per cent. Volatile matter Per cent. Fixed carbon Per cent. Ash Per cent. Sulphur Per cent.
Page 564 - Loss due to unconsumed hydrogen and hydrocarbons, to heating the moisture in the air, to radiation, and unaccounted for. (Some of these losses may be separately itemized if data are obtained from which they may be calculated.) Totals...
Page 572 - West Virginia No. 8 (Mine 52 on Map II). — Run-of-mine coal from Gauley Mountain Coal Company, Ansted, W. Va. "This test was made on 11,000 pounds of unwashed coal, which was burned for 66 hours and yielded 7,124 pounds, or 64.7 per cent, of coke, and 589 pounds of ash and breeze. The coke was hard, of good color, although of somewhat irregular cell structure. Chemical composition: Coal. Coke. Moisture 3.82 2.79 Volatile Matter 31.77 0.53 Fixed Carbon 57.21 82.37 Ash 7.20 14.31 Sulphur 0.89 0.77...
Page 59 - Discharge Measurements of New River at Fayette, W. Va., in 1908. a — Stage fell 0.5 foot during measurement.
Page 775 - West Virginia No. 19 — Size as shipped, run of mine. Size as used, finely crushed. Raw. Duration of test, 49 hours. Coal charged pounds 12,000 Coke produced pounds 7,692 Breeze produced pounds 258 Coke produced per cent. 64.10 Breeze produced per cent. 2.15 Total percentage yield 66.25 3*'>A Remarks.
Page 253 - IC White, Bull. 65. US Geol. Survey, p. 168; 1891; and Vol. II. W. Va. Geol. Survey, p. 566; 1903. "IC White, Bull. 65. US Geol. Survey, p. 170; 1891; and Vol. II, W. Va. Geol. Survey, pp. 567-584; 1903.
Page 562 - ... 73. Efficiency of boiler, including the grate ; heat absorbed by the boiler, per pound of dry coal, divided by the heat value of 1 pound of dry coal.
Page xxxiii - ... Page 605, line 18 from' bottom, for "buts", read "butts." Page 622, line 15 from bottom, for "Distict", read "District." Page 759. line 30 from top, for "Combustble", read "Combustible.
Page 563 - X [(212— /) + 966+0.48 (T— 212).] 4.* Loss due to heat carried away in the dry chimney gases = weight of gas per pound of combustible X 0.24 X...
Page 626 - No. 2 in the table of coke analyses on page 590 of Volume II and republished by him under the same number on page 345 of Volume II (A) and pages 258-9 of Bulletin 2- This analysis is given under No. 76 in Table 2 at the end of this Chapter. The coke analysis appears to be higher in ash than the corresponding coal analysis would warrant, but it is probably due to the fact that some fine slate particles got into the screenings which are used in the ovens. St. Clair Coal Mining Co. Mine — No. 77 on...

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