The Groton Averys: Christopher and James, the Founders of the Family

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publisher not identified, 1893 - 20 pages
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Page 2 - Husband died neere the first day of January in the yeare of our Lord one Thousand sixe Hundred fowrtie sixe, at the Howse of Mr.
Page 12 - In pursuance thereof, doe order that each plantat" in this Colony should considr of some way for the discouery of the approach of the enemy : And that vpon the discovery of the enemy they presently giue notice thereof to ye Comittee appointed by the Court, who are to act therein according to the power comitted to them by this Assembly.
Page 18 - God's holy day by servile work, and are grown to that height of impunity as to come at several times into the town to re-baptise several persons ; and when God's people were met together on the Lord's day to worship God, several of them came, and made great disturbance, behaving themselves in such a frantic manner, as if possessed with a diabolical spirit, so affrighting and amazing that several women swooned and fainted away. John Rogers to be whipped fifteen lashes, and for unlawfully re-baptizing...
Page 17 - John Lewis and Sarah Chapman into court "for sitting together on the Lord's Day, under an apple tree in Goodman Chapman's Orchard.
Page 11 - When, in 1657, Uncas, routed by the Narragansetts, had been chased into the fort at the head of the Nahantick and was there beseiged, Lieut. James Avery, Mr. Brewster, 'Samuel' Lothrop* and others, well armed, succeeded in throwing themselves into the fort and aided in the defence.
Page 14 - I clip the following sentence : " The Council, considering the difficulty of collecting any considerable body of the enlisted soldiers from the several townes, for an immediate march against the enemy, order that -Captains Avery and Denison, and Lieut. Minor, should forthwith gather as many men as possible, from the three nearest towns (New London, Norwich and Stonington), and, taking with them the Mohegan and Pequot Indians, march against the enemy.
Page 5 - Costs and chardges in the law of the sajd Christopher Auery his heires or Assignes shall and will performe and doe or Cause to be performed and donne any such further act or acts as they the sajd John Samuell and...
Page 6 - Grot on. cut, and, August 8, 1665, purchased a house, orchard and lot of Robert Burrows in New London. Here he claimed exemption from watching and training on account of age, in June, 1667, and was made a freeman of the colony, October, 1669. Charles Hill, the town clerk, made this record of his decease : " Christopher Avery's death, vide, near the death of Mother Brewstcr," but the date of her death does not appear.
Page 14 - Authority haue had the f1rst tender of theire dispose of captiues. alloweing them the market price ; to be diuided amongst them, to the priuate souldiers, each man alike, and to the commanders so much a better part according as there is difference in their wages ; and all wounded men to be healed at the Country's charge.

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