The Shield

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Leonid Andreyev
A.A. Knopf, 1917 - Jews - 209 pages
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Page 119 - That I have great heaviness, and continual sorrow in my heart. For I could wish that myself were accursed from Christ, for my brethren my kinsmen according to the flesh...
Page 211 - BORZOI" stands for the best in literature in all its branches — drama and fiction, poetry and art. " BORZOI" also stands for unusually pleasing book-making. BORZOI Books are good books and there is one for every taste worthy of the name. A few are briefly described on the next page. Mr. Knopf will be glad to see that you are notified regularly of new and forthcoming BORZOI Books if you will send him your name and address for that purpose. He will also see that your local dealer is supplied. ADDRESS...
Page 11 - I believe that Jewish wisdom is more all-human and universal than any other; and this not only because of its immemorial age, not only because it is the firstborn, but also because of the powerful humaneness that saturates it, because of its high estimate of man.
Page 135 - I would feel like a twenty-year-old child in a conclave of sages. Overhead is the blue veil of the spring sky, and before us lies the deep forest, brooding in wise silence. Now and then the wind whispers gently and stirs the fragrant shadows of the forest, and again does the soothing silence caress us with a motherly caress. White clouds are sailing slowly across the azure heavens. Viewed from the earth, heated by the sun, the sky appears cold, and it is strange to see the clouds melt away in the...
Page 11 - The inner meaning of these words impressed me with its profound wisdom, and I interpreted them for myself in this manner: I must actively take care of myself, that my life should be better, and I must not impose the care of myself on other people's shoulders, but if I am going to take care of myself alone, of nothing but my own personal life, it will be useless, ugly, meaningless. This thought ate its way deep into my soul, and I say now with conviction : Hillel's wisdom served as a strong staff...
Page 213 - Benois, with an introduction by Christian Brinton and thirtytwo full-page plates. The only survey in English. $3.00 SUSSEX GORSE By Sheila Kaye-Smith. A wonderfully vigorous and powerful novel of Sussex.
Page 138 - Now give me something." We all became silent, until one of the children said: "Money?" "Yes," said the lad. "Look at him," said the children. "For money, we could do those tricks ourselves." The audience became hostile toward the artist, and betook itself to the field, ridiculing and insulting him. Of course, none of them had any money. I myself had only seven kopecks about me. I put two coins in the boy's dusty palm. He moved them with his finger and with a kindly smile said: "Thank you." He went...
Page ii - THE NEWEST BORZOI BOOKS ASPHALT By Orrick Johns BACKWATER By Dorothy Richardson CENTRAL EUROPE By Friedrich Naumann CRIMES OF CHARITY By Konrad Bercovici RUSSIA'S MESSAGE By William English Walling THE BOOK OF SELF By James Oppcnheim THE BOOK OF CAMPING By A.
Page 10 - THE HUMANITY OF JEWISH WISDOM IN my early youth I read — I have forgotten where — the words of the ancient Jewish sage — Hillel, if I remember rightly : ' If thou art not for thyself, who will be for thee? Bat if thou art for thyself alone, wherefore art thou...
Page 58 - IN 1563 Ivan the Terrible conquered Polotzk, and * for the first time the Russian Government was confronted by the fact of the existence of the Jewish nationality. The Czar's advisers were somewhat perplexed, and asked him what to do with these newly acquired subjects. Ivan the Terrible answered unhesitatingly : ' Baptize them or drown them in the river'.

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