Proceedings of the Friends of a National Bank, at Their Public Meeting, Held in Boston, Fifteenth July, 1841: Including an Address to the People of the U. States: Showing That, to Give Healthful Action, to the Vital Functions of the Constitution of the United States, a National Bank (not a Government), Invested with the Powers Herein Described, is Indispensably Necessary

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Dutton and Wentworth, 1841 - National banks (United States) - 32 pages
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Page 32 - If it be true that money is power, its concentration under the direction of one will, sole or collective, must augment the power. A nation, without such a concentration of power, maintaining extensive commercial intercourse with another nation possessing it, must conduct that intercourse on a condition of inequality and disadvantage. National Banks, in other countries, beget the necessity, therefore, of a National Bank in this country, in like manner as National Governments in foreign nations must...
Page 17 - Commerce) entered into at the Report of the Canal Board, in answer to Resolutions of the Assembly respecting the Canal Debts and Revenues and the Enlargement of the Erie Canal, etc., 1840.
Page 32 - ... an American Bank, the creature of our will, subject to American authority, and animated by American interests, feelings and sympathies.
Page 31 - ... would be unsound in principle, and the committee apprehend dangerous in practice. Admit such consent to be a legitimate source of power, the Government would not operate equally in all the States, and the Constitution, losing its uniform character, would exhibit an irregular and incongruous action. Entertaining these deliberate views, the committee are decidedly of opinion that no bill for the establishment of a Bank in the District of Columbia will be effectual which does not contain a clear...
Page 18 - ... do not undertake to describe, must pass through our great thoroughfare. It appears to the Board that it can only be necessary to ask the attention of any reflecting mind to this trade, to induce a firm conviction, that, so long as the physical wants of man remain the same, and the relative...
Page 32 - Accordingly, we have seen the influence exerted by the Bank of England upon American interests, when those interests were exposed to the action of that Bank, and were left without the protection of a Bank of the United States.
Page 19 - In summer, our pure, cool atmosphere, bracing sea-breeze, and comfortable nights will attract pleasure and business travellers, from all parts of the Union, in preference to New York, which is remarkably hot in the warm season, and which, having but few common-sewers, is at that time, neither so salubrious nor so free from impurities as Boston is.
Page 16 - New York is the city of impulse. The Mother Bank should be as free from impulse as possible, and should act, to the whole country, as the balance-wheel of the money-market. Boston and Salem are remarkable places, for keeping comparatively cool, when New York is excited ; and are remarkably fit to act as the balance-wheel.
Page 31 - Clay, accompanied by a report which declared that " no bill for the establishment of a bank in the District of Columbia would be effectual, which did not contain a clear recognition of the constitutional power of Congress to establish brandies wherever in the United States the public wants, in its judgment, require them.
Page 1 - Brewn. 8vo. pp. 552. Proceedings of the Friends of a National Bank, at their Public Meeting, held in Boston, Fifteenth July, 1841, including an Address to the People of the United States, showing that, to give Healthful Action to the Vital Functions of the Constitution of the United States, a National Bank, (not a Government Bank,) invested with the Powers herein described, is indispensably necessary. Boston: Dutton & Wentworth. 8vo. pp. 32. A Review of the Principal Events of the Last Ten Years...

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