Bulletin, Volumes 14-15

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Geographical Society of Philadelphia, 1917 - Geography
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Page 146 - Dr. John H. Finley, president of the University of the State of New York, in a...
Page 142 - York is becoming a cloaca gentium which will produce many amazing racial hybrids and some ethnic horrors that will be beyond the powers of future anthropologists to unravel.
Page 155 - Costa Rica was a study of the dragonflies with special reference to their life-histories and seasonal distribution. However, in the preface, we are told : " Our investigations have not yet been completed and we have little to say in these pages on that technical subject. What we here set forth are chiefly our more incidental observations recorded in our diary.
Page 1 - Observations on a general iron railway, or land steam conveyance, to supersede the necessity of horses in all public vehicles ; showing its vast superiority in every respect over all the present pitiful methods of conveyance by turnpike roads, canals, and coasting traders ; containing every species of information relative to railroads and locomotive engines.
Page 2 - a railway can be constructed in any country where a canal could be made, and in many situations where canals are impracticable through want of water; if loaded boats and wagons have been...
Page 115 - In this deduction we have the explanation of the observational facts: (1) That the hard-rock slopes of desert ranges which shed large spauls are steep, while those which shed small fragments have a low angle; (2) That ranges composed of hard rock, which are thus naturally steep, maintain their steepness as long as the rock slopes endure.
Page 77 - DECLARATION. The plenipotentiaries on signing the foregoing treaty declare, as part and complement of it and subject to the ratification of the same, that the high contracting parties adopt as the frontier between the...
Page 170 - ... to control than large rivers and the canyons readily accommodated themselves to dams and reservoirs. Waterfalls are useless for power purposes unless the stream flow is maintained with a high degree of uniformity throughout the year and here again the glacier aided the future commonwealth, for not only did the ice sheet produce falls but also made natural reservoirs wherein flood waters were stored and streams regulated during the dry season. After the main body of ice left the land, there remained...
Page 146 - Gartok, and his exploration in New Guinea, 1908. The Victoria Medal is awarded to Dr. J. Scott Keltie for his eminent services to geography during his secretaryship of the society. The other awards are as follows: The Murchison grant to Rai Bahadur Lai Singh for his devoted work as surveyor to the expedition of Sir Aurel Stein.
Page 2 - ... one-fourth part of the room ; if they cause no bilious or intermitting fevers in the country through which they pass; and if five or six wagons, each loaded with twenty hundredweight, can be impelled with a velocity of ten or twelve miles per hour by means of one of Perkins...

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